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Aluminum roof truss

This truss is adapted for trade show, shop fitting, exhibits & displays events despite its small size and light weight. S520SQU offers an optimum lifting capacity and indicate a low transport volume with its lightweight construction. It is possible to do a powder coating or a high gloss/hand polishied design within the delivery periode.

I believe that many people have seen the sea election scenes of various competitions. In the sea elections, outdoor drafts are often used, that is, a temporary stage is needed to provide players with performances. Everyone on this temporary stage is inseparable from aluminum roof truss. A stage is often composed of a number of stage trusses. The stage truss is a product that can be used multiple times. It is very easy to install and disassemble, which can save the manpower and material resources of the stage installation and disassembly to the greatest extent, and help the stage to be built. And the completion of the event. There are many options for its size. If it is a long-term use of the temporary stage, you can also go directly to the concert stage truss manufacturer to customize a suitable stage truss.


  • Created: Aug 26 '21
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