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How to get the best equipment and gold coins in the New world

Do you want to know how to get the best New world equipment? There are several ways to get new armors and weapons, you can pick them up from enemies or treasure chests, buy them from the market or your new world faction store, or make them by hand. If you want to make the most of your character in new world PvP or advanced content, you may want to look for better equipment.

If you are pursuing the highest equipment score and the best skills and attributes, then you can make equipment according to your specific specifications, or hope to drop advanced weapons from the enemy. At level 60, some changes will take place in the equipment progress of the new world, and a "watermark" system will be introduced for advanced equipment. This is all you need to know about new world equipment. The weight of the New World armor is divided into three types: light, medium and heavy. Each piece of armor also has a separate digital weight. In the upper left corner of the equipment screen, you can see the weight of the equipment you are currently the wearing-the important thing is, how much equipment load all this adds up.

There are three different "equipment loads" in the new world, each of which has its own advantages. Normally, you will target the equipment load that best suits your body size and choose armor pieces accordingly. For example, if you want a "light" equipment load, this does not mean you need to wear only light armor-if you wear medium armor, you will still be below the equipment load threshold for medium armor.

New world equipment loads and benefits are:

Light Armor
A total equipment load of less than 13 provides you with light armor. This is best done with medium breastplate and light armor elsewhere. Light armor provides you with 20% additional damage and healing, as well as the ability to roll dodge.

Medium armor
The equipment range of 13-23 puts you in the middle category. We recommend that you use a heavy breastplate, light helmet and gloves, and medium-sized legs and boots to maximize damage absorption. This equipment load provides 10% additional damage and healing, increases the duration of crowd control and jump dodge by 10%.

Heavy armor
If your total equipment load exceeds 23, you are in the heavy armor category. It is best to go all-in with heavy armor in each slot. You will get a 15% block reward and 20% crowd control duration reward. Dodge is simple avoidance.

Equipment rarity
The equipment of the new world is divided into five categories: common (gray), rare (green), rare (blue), epic (purple) and legendary (orange). Equipment can also have a slot for placing new world gems. These privileges will introduce powerful buffs and attribute increases. Legendary weapons have filled all five privilege slots. Of course, you can make the above ones by yourself, but let me talk about gold coins first.

I will tell you a little secret. There are two currencies in New World. They are Azoth and Coin. New World Coin is a common currency. Players use New World Coins to purchase New World Items, Level Up Trade Skills such as Crafting, Refining , Gathering, Camping and more. In addition, you also need NW Coins to learn new skills and spells in the new world, purchase pets, and obtain mount and flying skills. When we have enough New World Coins, becoming stronger is an inevitable result. We will also be more relaxed when facing game NPCs or other players. Anyway, I have experienced the happiness of being one step ahead of other players. This game just before At the beginning, it is worth everyone to join, I believe it will get better and better.

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