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A fighting style of New World players makes everyone shine

Amazon's MMO New World has been doing well after its very popular release, and it seems that players are now exploring every corner of Aeternum and finding new ways to utilize game mechanics. A New World player recently showed a short video about their new fighting style, which seemed both effective and interesting.

Like many games, New World has some interesting collision box interactions that players like Redditor Rterry112 can use to reduce the chance of being hit by the enemy. He has discovered a fighting style that includes a large number of sudden drops to avoid attacks and rolling top blows. According to reports, this technique can be used in any armor set in the New World.

In the video, a player wielding a hammer is approaching Gilgut's ghoul enemy. After hitting the opponent, the player immediately fell to the ground to avoid subsequent shooting and then got up to shoot again. The result is a time-consuming battle. Players spend more time on the ground than on their feet, but they only seem to receive a single blow from the enemy. In games where weapon and armor tailoring can be a real problem, this fighting style can be very effective.

No one can beat this fighting style. The easy-to-hit and drop strategy allows the player to dodge most of the enemy's attacks. The main threat the player faces is overhead blows. However, these attacks often have long-ending animations, giving players a chance to roll to a safe place. Another potential problem is the length of time it takes for the player to complete the prone animation-the player hit shown occurred while they were on the ground. This fighting style may be slightly less effective in PvP in the new world, but it seems to work well in PvE games.

Other fans seem to be impressed by Rterry112's originality. Some users started discussing other hitbox exploits, for example, gathered players are often not where they appear to be. Another group of users began to discuss whether the prone roll mechanism can be used for heavy armor, and why the new world originally contained so many strange commands, such as prone. The new world is a complicated game, but players seem to be mastering some of the mechanics.

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