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In New World, players will use each other to ban and win the war

It is very common in some multiplayer games: get enough behavior reports in a short period of time and automatically be banned.

This is a mature system abused in a highly competitive MMO, and the new world seems to have a particularly vicious outbreak. The combination of winner-takes-all rewards and a very narrow participant list makes your wave of aggressive false reports the best The goal is very obvious. Now, it looks like New World players have discovered that they can target the enemy by reporting to trigger a 24-hour ban...just before the time-limited war event.

New World players generally said that they were banned for no reason, or that a large part of their company members was banned before the war. Posts on Steam forums, Reddit, and other social media provided anecdotes about the ban. "50 of my 100-person company are now banned," a post on Reddit reads. "We have to abandon the territories where we are struggling because everyone can publish reports multiple times? This is crazy, we need to fix it as soon as possible," the post continued.

"So my company has a war today, and the company we are fighting against has reported our top players, so they will get a 24-hour temporary ban and cannot participate in the war," said a post on the New World Forum.

Another Reddit post, which has now been deleted, provided details of a company member who discovered and used a program that banned the highest-level members of another company before the war. Amazon's moderator and customer service give different information. Some moderator posts seem to indicate that there is a reporting threshold that triggers an automatic 24-hour ban. Other moderators of the New World Forum insist that each report be reviewed by a real person, and an Amazon gaming spokesperson also told PC Gamer.

A representative of Amazon Games provided PC Gamer with the following statement: "We will not automatically ban based on player reports. Before taking any action against players, our team will personally review all player reports. We know that there is already some confusion about this. , And players received some inconsistent or unclear responses from our team to make the situation worse. The important thing is that we have won the trust of players, and our goal is to better communicate more clearly in the future."

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