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Amazon's misleading news about the transfer of the New World region was strongly opposed by players

Amazon has already begun to allow New World players to transfer their characters to servers in different regions. Last week, after the explosive release of New World, Amazon asked players to join the server with a shorter waiting time because it is committed to increasing the population ceiling of existing servers. In order to reassure those who want to play with friends who are already on a populous server, Amazon said it is developing a feature that allows you to transfer characters to a new server for free.

“So if you choose a [low-latency server] now just to get up and play, you can make a different choice later and play with your friends on the server,” Amazon said at the time. "We know how important it is to be able to play with friends, so we put this feature at the top of our priority list."

Then, the New World official Twitter account stated that players will be able to move between regions, for example switching from a US server to an EU server. Of course, it is free, and it also relieves the pressure on some servers. Too long queue time will also affect your gaming experience.

So, rest assured enough, players have chosen almost any server they can join-even servers in other regions-to avoid the incredibly long queue time in the New World. Why not, when they are told they can do this?

Fast forward to yesterday, October 8th. After the problem was discovered during the test, Amazon confirmed that the server transfer function was postponed to next week. This is not a big problem-it's better to wait for the feature to start in a stable state instead of releasing it early and breaking it. But with this delayed announcement confirming that the feature is activated, you will be restricted from being able to transfer your character to any world in your area.

"So the previous statement of'transfer to any server' is not true?" Amazon asked itself in the forum post FAQ. "Unfortunately, the original information provided was incorrect," Amazon said. Some players chose a low-popular server in an outside area, and their friends now say they feel stuck — and complain about wasting their time.

This is frustrating and adds to the list of things that are already frustrating. No one wants to reinvent their role, it will be a one-way ticket for burnout. Many EU players have gone to the eastern United States, and even were able to play on the first day. The region must be part of the transfer.

There are other server transfer restrictions. You cannot move a character to the full world, nor can you move a character to a world where an existing character is located. New World players who are trapped in a different region from their friends now face a difficult decision: stick to the characters they have upgraded but cannot play with their friends, or restart their characters on the server where their friends are located.

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