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New World players cheat each other's huge amount of gold coins also shows its importance

New World has been launched for more than two weeks, and players have begun to squeeze a large amount of gold from each other, the game currency. Although New World may not be a true sandbox MMO like EVE Online, it may soon gain a similar reputation in Skeleton Games.

In the new world, players are divided into three factions, which are constantly fighting each other in order to control different areas. Players can create companies-the guild's new world term representing their factions and can declare war on other companies to directly control settlements and the surrounding countryside. If the company owns the territory, they profit from the taxes earned by players trading items or using its crafting station, while companies without land rely mainly on the generosity of their members. The only problem is that the company must operate with a high degree of trust because nothing can stop the company's leadership from losing all the gold.

Paradoggs said that on Heracleion, one of the many servers in the New World, he belongs to an unnamed company that recently lost a war with another faction in the New World. Now that they have no territory of their own, the leaders of the guild began begging the Paradoggs company to put out every bit of gold they could to pay for the cost of obtaining the contract for the last remaining unclaimed area on the server. Winning the war is obviously not this person's strong suit, so this is the last opportunity for this company to own land. 200 players donated approximately 60,000 gold coins to fill the company's vault-an an incredible amount for most players. At that time, the guild leader of Paradogs put all the money into his character's wallet and disappeared.

This is the kind of thing you usually expect from games like EVE Online. Nevertheless, I remain objective about what happened, because it adds a lot of fun to the new world faction PVP. After all, half of the people who died in Game of Thrones were killed by so-called allies. But in any case, if you are a member of New World Corporation and the company begs you to give up your gold for "team progress", you may just want to tell them that you are actually poor and have nothing to give.

There are two currencies in New World. They are Azoth and Coin. New World Coin is a common currency. Players use New World Coins to purchase New World Items, Level Up Trade Skills such as Crafting, Refining, Gathering, Camping and more. In addition, you also need NW Coins to learn new skills and spells in the new world, purchase pets, and obtain mount and flying skills. When we have enough New World Coins, becoming stronger is an inevitable result. We will also be more relaxed when facing game NPCs or other players. Anyway, I have experienced the happiness of being one step ahead of other players. This game just before At the beginning, it is worth everyone to join, I believe it will get better and better.

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