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New World underestimated the popularity of the game, and the server queued up on the second day

New World was obviously not well prepared for its popularity. The game server queue continued to reach thousands of people on the second day after its launch, and some players waited for hours to play Amazon's new MMO. However, others jumped into the server immediately after creating the role. This is a somewhat strange situation: there are many New World servers that are not queued-Amazon has added a bunch since its launch-but many players still need to queue to join the server they started or the server where their guild members or friends are located.

Some servers are very popular because the host and YouTube host indicate that they are using these servers. For example, Shroud chose Celadon, a server in the western United States. Although the new role has many options without queuing, there are still 823 people in the Celadon queue at noon local time. Other servers have been claimed by large MMO guilds and the Discord community, and their teams and fans are pushing the world far beyond the 2,000 player population limit.

The more frustrating New World players are mistakes, which apparently remove them from the queue after waiting hours. Amazon said that as new servers are added, it will increase the server limit of 2,000 players after the test. It did not say what the new upper limit is, but today it pointed out that testing is underway.

To solve the problem of long queues, Amazon also announced yesterday that it will provide everyone with a way to transfer their roles to different servers sometime in the next two weeks. In this way, you can start on a quiet server and then move to a more popular server when the startup peak stabilizes.

Newworldstatus.com is a "fast aggregation non-commercial lunchtime project" that monitors the number of New World servers. It shows that more than 400,000 players lined up on the Central European server on the day of launch. Today's peak did not drop much, reaching 340,000 players lined up in the region. The data is not perfect-the site did not cooperate with Amazon, but used its own methods to collect information-but it seems to capture the overall situation well. I checked the New World server browser myself, and I counted 92 Central European servers, each with 2,000 to 4,800 people in line with today's peak period. Line up like this.

However, Amazon added more servers today: there are now 150 Central European servers, and it cannot be said that there are no low-queue servers. Even in today's peak period, dozens of CEIBS servers are not lined up, or the number of people in line is very small. The situation in other regions is similar. At the time of writing, although there are many servers in the US East that are not in line, the popular US East server still has 2,000 players. The West El Dorado server in the United States, selected by some YouTube anchors and anchors, had 1,400 players in the queue earlier today, while the server queue selected by some of our PC Gamers has only one person.

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