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Congratulations New World has become the most popular new game on Steam in 2021

Amazon's New World was officially launched on Steam on Tuesday morning after a period of testing. Amazon executives can be regarded as a short respite, but the launch of the new game is bound to usher in attention and discussion.

Even with a server queue, New World is already the most popular new game on Steam in 2021. The previous competitor, the Swedish Viking simulator Valheim, reached more than 500,000 concurrent players in February. Now, SteamDB has set the peak value of New World at 707,230. According to reports, this is enough to make New World the fifth place in the history of concurrent players on Steam. New World on the Twitch network owned by Amazon also has 798,000 to 850,000 viewers, among which streaming media such as shroud and Fextralife are played by thousands of viewers.

In New World, players play the role of a survivor from the mysterious Aeternum Island, which is a parallel history roughly based on 17th century Earth. On Aeternum, the power of magic has been almost out of control for centuries, and over time it has created miracles and monsters. Players must unite into three factions-Predator, Syndicate, and Covenant-to defends against Aeternum's hostile locals and each other.

For Amazon, it would be a strange choice, because New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), currently a sub-genre dominated by World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. However, unlike these two games, New World has a real-time combat system and does not have any type of character class.

As a general rule, MMORPGs are some of the most difficult games to review fairly. They are purposely built for long-term consumption, and once you reach their final stage, many of them will undergo tremendous changes. New World has a level cap of 60, and few people can reach this point before the upcoming weekend. Amazon itself recommends that reviewers have at least 40 hours of in-depth knowledge before attempting to write New World, which seems completely fair.

In the game, your character will get core attribute points when leveling up. You can distribute these points into five main attributes, and you can hone the collection, production and refinement of professions as needed. Similarly, using any weapon in the game to fight will slowly gain the mastery experience value of that particular weapon. This is an open method reminiscent of the Elder Scrolls game. Players will find some tips after the experience, the following is.

There are two currencies in New World. They are Azoth and Coin. New World Coin is a common currency. Players use New World Coins to purchase New World Items, Level Up Trade Skills such as Crafting, Refining, Gathering, Camping and more. In addition, you also need NW Coins to learn new skills and spells in the new world, purchase pets, and obtain mount and flying skills. When we have enough New World Coins, becoming stronger is an inevitable result. We will also be more relaxed when facing game NPCs or other players. Anyway, I have experienced the happiness of being one step ahead of other players. This game just before At the beginning, it is worth everyone to join, I believe it will get better and better.

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