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New World will be officially released on PC, developers will share the server list before release

Amazon Games’ New World is scheduled to be released on the PC platform on September 28. Before the launch, we have now obtained the first complete server list, and players can choose according to the region they will play. If you plan to play the game alone in most cases, this doesn’t seem like a big development, but for veterans or novices who plan to team up with friends when the game is released, you can now plan your desired server in New Jump in before World is released.

The server list can be seen below, and there are a bunch of different server names for people to choose from. This is also a fairly large list of options, with over 75 different servers available in North America alone. Servers from Central Europe, Australia and South America are also listed as people who may play in these regions.

For those who choose the server based on the most common language in the server, the creator of the new world said that the information is coming but has not yet shared the suggested language of the server. Like some other projects in Amazon Games, the release of the new world is a long-standing project, and multiple delays have pushed the game farther and farther. It has finally set a release date on September 28. After players have the opportunity to try it out through the beta version and other activities, they will soon be able to officially play the game this month.

Explore an exciting open-world MMO full of dangers and opportunities. You will create a new destiny for yourself as an adventurer who has been shipwrecked on the supernatural island of Aeternum. In the wilderness on the island, endless battles, foraging and foraging opportunities await you and the ruins. Guide supernatural powers or use deadly weapons in a classless real-time combat system, fight alone, fight with small teams, or in groups in PvE and PvP battles, all at your own discretion.

There are two currencies in New World. They are Azoth and Coin. New World Coin is a common currency. Players use New World Coins to purchase New World Items, Level Up Trade Skills such as Crafting, Refining, Gathering, Camping and more. In addition, you also need NW Coins to learn new skills and spells in the new world, purchase pets, and obtain mount and flying skills. When we have enough New World Coins, becoming stronger is an inevitable result. We will also be more relaxed when facing game NPCs or other players. Anyway, I have experienced the happiness of being one step ahead of other players. This game just before At the beginning, it is worth everyone to join, I believe it will get better and better.

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