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Meeting people, many types with different personalities is one of the reasons that I'm with Mumbai Escorts for over nine years. But in this blog What I Want to let people know about some clients, who are real human beings, of course, but really stupid or eccentric to even properly enjoy the time with us. It’s like as call girls we keep on meeting many perverted, crazy, addicted or even lunatic men, but this one chap always seem to irritate me and thereafter makes me laugh like anything. Like, crazy, this client of mine is really into me, wants to spend some good time with me, and this is totally fine. But, when he starts off staring me, asking immature and frivolous questions, that even teenager boys these days are aware of, it really gets me irritated. At the first meeting, he told me he was a virgin and thus I really need to lead him the carnal way of having a good time at Best Model Escorts Services in Mumbai. This started off well, but then later on, he stated that he really is not in a mood to have his first sex in life and just wanted to see how a call girl from Best Mumbai Escorts really functions. Ok, this was also fine, then we started off conversations, wherein he was interested in what I do, how i do, etc.


After explaining it all, I asked as to would he mind going for a coffee or movie or even sightseeing. To which he answered none and i also offered about better ways wherein he would feel horny to make love with me at Mumbai Call Girls Services. He stated he is not feeling horny at all and all that he needed was to speak and spend a lot of time with me, just about random stuff, not even now, relating to my profession. This went on for over four hours and i was like trying to make myself real clear the session has been elapsed way too before itself. Finally, we went off to his boyish world, where I think he will write a book about divas like us from this call girls industry. Yet, this eccentric chap again wanted to spend more time sessions with me at Mumbai Model Call Girls Services, again by not having any sex or other romantic time just to talk about abstract stuff and this became so regular, that i only thought about a young cute monkey unable to decipher the human ways of things and i started getting amused. Why, dear sexy people, i was getting paid for it as well, so.

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