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Coronavirus: Shanghai Disneyland reopens

Coronavirus: Shanghai Disneyland reopens

It is the first of the Disney resorts to reopen, and tickets sold out within minutes of going on sale on Friday.To get more Shanghai breaking news, you can visit shine news official website.

Visitors have streamed into the park, with many wearing Mickey Mouse ears and children dressed as Disney characters.Attendance is capped at a third of its normal 80,000 person capacity, customer entry is staggered according to time slots, and social distancing, mask wearing and temperature checks are being enforced.

Rides will be limited to one group of visitors per car and pavements have been painted to show visitors where to stand to keep a safe distance.

The president of the resort, Joe Schott, told reporters: "We hope that today's reopening serves as a beacon of light across the globe, providing hope and inspiration to everyone."

The Shanghai park was closed on 25 January, followed by the Tokyo resort in February and then the French and US parks in March.The reopening will be welcome to Disney, which said in its recent earnings report that resort and cinema closures had cost $1.4bn (£1.13bn) in profit.

The Chinese government said last week that cinemas, museums and other venues will gradually reopen, a sign of confidence that the outbreak can be safely controlled.But concerns about a resurgence of cases linger.

Wuhan, the original centre of the coronavirus outbreak, reported its first new cluster of infections since its strict lockdown was lifted a month ago.

Five people were reported as new cases, all living in the same residential compound.All five had previously been reported as asymptomatic - those who test positive for COVID-19 and are able to infect others but do not show symptoms themselves.

China does not include asymptomatic cases in its total official count until patients display symptoms.

South Korea also confirmed new cases, reporting 35 new infections on Sunday.Many are from a cluster linked to nightclubs and bars in Itaewon, in Seoul.Officials have traced and tested more than 2,450 people who went to the area but are still looking for 3,000 more.

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Scam Broker OlympusFx Is Still Alive in Asia

Recently, many countries have implemented the policy of home quarantine. “Working from home” and “online investment” have become the best choices for most people. However, during this period of time, online financial scams have also become rampant. In the forex market, quite a number of illegal brokers use the internet to post false advertisements, inflict unjustified trading losses on investors and delay withdrawals. These problems happen so frequently that complaints from victims of the scams never stop.To get more news about OlympusFx, you can visit WikiFX news official website.
  Recently, WikiFX exposure channel received complaints from Asia investors against OlympusFx, the main problems being unjustified losses and withdrawal failures. A withdrawal of one of the investors has been postponed for nearly 2 years! The humble investor told WikiFX that due to the lack of practical experience in the forex market, he deposited 1,000 US dollars at OlympusFx, a platform recommended by his acquaintance. But, after real-account trading he found that the trading environment was terrible, and the spread was ridiculously high. In the end, he almost lost all his money.
Platforms like OlympusFx have robbed tens of thousands of grassroots-investors. Now, OlympusFx is still cheating more people under the excuse that they have “left Chinese market and thus unable to process the withdrawals”. Once again, WikiFX reminds you to stay away from this broker and be alert! For investors who have been defrauded, please keep the evidences and contact WikiFX to get assistance in defending your right!
  Per investigation, we found that the score of OlympusFx is only 1.22 on WikiFX APP. The broker is an offshore-broker registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, currently without valid regulation and bearing great risks.

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PTFX NO. 1 Scammer Defrauded Investors with the “Malaysia Dato” Title!

Last year, illegal broker PTFX ran away after blowing up all the accounts of its users, leaving the entire FX market astonished. The number of victims reached 2 millions very shortly, and many of them became homeless and debt ridden just overnight. Although PTFX has crashed, its former staff are still out there relentlessly defrauding investors under the name of other companies. With PTFX under investigation, Huang ZhiMing, the NO. 1 scammer of PTFX, has been exposed to the public.To get more news about Malaysia Dato, you can visit WikiFX news official website.
  We learned that while working for PTFX, Huang also signed contracts with several forex companies, including Leighton Futures and JCI. He claimed to have received the title of "Malaysia Dato" while calling himself the “Asia’s No.1 trader”. According to Huang, investors can get 100% profits guaranteed in trading under his help, with a 1% minimum weekly dividend and even greater return proportional to the deposit.
But were his claims real? Or were they simply tales he used to scam gullible investors across Southeast Asia?
  Not long ago, WikiFX revealed that Leighton Futures was a lame Ponzi scheme that has been blocking withdrawals for a long time. The forex investment project launched by the broker was suspected to be a pyramid scheme, and Huang Zhiming was the trader who ran this project. Interestingly, not long after Leighton Futures collapsed, JCI, another forex company which signed contract with Huang Zhiming, also had a large number of customer complaints for much-delayed withdrawals and pyramid schemes. Currently, some victims of JCI have called the police!
  Per checking WikiFX, we found that the illegal broker JCI, rated at only 1.06 on WikiFX App, is without any valid regulation and involves pyramid scheme. In addition, the broker doesn’t use MT4/MT5 software and has been in business for less than 1 year, bearing tremendous risks.

We may conclude from the above information that although with different names, Leighton Futures and JCI, together with PTFX, have been defrauding investors with similar tricks. This suggests that PTFX as well as scammers like Huang may still be lurking around, so investors should definitely watch out for them.
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Broker Cleared Investor’s Profiting Order due to “Wrong Quote”

The coronavirus epidemic in 2020 has been a “black swan” event in the financial market, tempting many forex investors to try their luck in a time of high market volatility. While it's natural to see both gains and losses in trading, what upsets investors most is not loss, but the failure to pocket expected profits. Recently, an investor exposed the illegal broker Trader's Way to WikiFX, accusing the broker of deleting profitable trading orders with the excuse of “pricing error”.To get more news about Wrong Quote, you can visit WikiFX news official website.
  Event recap
  The investor in this case has 5 years of trading experience so far, well-versed in ECN trading with a good grasp of trading strategies. However, trading at the platform Trader's Way turned out to be a flop on his investment path.
  According to the investor, all of his profitable positions were invalidated by the platform within just three days due to alleged “pricing error”. On the first day, his account made a profit of US$9,500, but the trading record was inexplicably deleted. This left the investor with only a small balance available for trading the next day, when he made nearly US$13,000 at one point. But again the trading record was erased. Fortunately, the investor kept all relevant trading information such as charts and prices when he traded, thus being able to have a well-grounded debate with the broker. But when investor questioned the broker, the latter explained plainly that the platform experienced “pricing errors” during periods of intense market volatility.
  The veteran investor was, of course, not convinced by such an excuse. The event continues to evolve, and the illegal broker, battered by the persistent questioning of investor, no longer tried to justify their practice. WikiFX is still following updates of this event.
According to its official website, Trader's Way was established by a group of financial market professionals. The broker has no minimum requirement for the margin and offers leverage of up to 1: 1000 (this also explains why the investor made profits so quickly). But through investigation, WikiFX found that the broker has suspicious regulatory information.
  According to WikiFX App, Trader's Way is currently without valid regulatory status, rated at only 1.77. WikiFX suggests investors to stay away from this unreliable broker.
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Here's how to buy your Powerball ticket online

To potentially win the $1.5 billion jackpot prize on Wednesday, most people will have to buy their numbers in person. Only a few of the 44 participating Powerball states have moved the process online. But if you really don't want to go, there are a couple of services that let you pay someone to buy them for you.Get more news about 彩票包网服务,you can vist
If you live in Illinois or Georgia, you can buy an official Powerball ticket online for Wednesday's drawing.
-- If you're a California resident, you can use an app like LottoGopher to pay someone to get your ticket.
-- Lotterymaster, Lotto365 and Congalotto are similar services that work for both international and domestic lotteries, including Powerball. (CNNMoney hasn't tested any of these sites so we can't vouch for their quality.)The Illinois online lottery system is pretty straightforward: Pick one ticket or multiple tickets for up to 26 consecutive drawings. You can choose your own numbers or tell the site to pick them for you. Add your tickets to your cart and check out.
The online process for the Georgia lottery system works like a prepaid PayPal account. First you have to create an "iHOPEcard" account. Then you have to transfer money from your bank in order to buy a ticket online. If you win, the system deposits money back to your iHOPEcard for prizes less than and including $5,000. Rinse and repeat.
Both states let people play Mega Millions online too.
Online courier service LottoGopher charges customers a membership fee based on what games they want to play, how often they want to play, and whether or not they want to manage lottery pools through the site. There's a free tier, and three paid tiers ranging from $3 a day to $99 a year.
The company stopped taking orders on Monday due to overwhelming demand.
The jackpot "jumped so much in such a small amount of time that we weren't able to add capacity," founder James Morel told CNNMoney. "We just shut it down completely for now."
Due to high demand for Powerball tickets, The Lotter says its ticket service is temporarily unavailable too.
A 14-year-old company, The Lotter gained attention in December when an Iraqi man living in Baghdad used the site and won a $6.4 million jackpot prize in Oregon.
Given how much is at stake, there's a chance that someone living abroad could take all of the winnings too.

The Lottery: Is It Ever Worth Playing?

You'd better be if you play the lottery. Depending on which one you play, you have some pretty long odds.For example, the odds of winning a recent Powerball drawing in Tennessee was 1 in 292.2 million.1?Get more news about 彩票包网,you can vist

Most people would agree the risk of any of these events actually happening to them is pretty slim.

Let's look at it another way. Assume you went to the largest stadium in the world—which happens to be in North Korea. The stadium was filled to capacity. As part of the price of your ticket, you were entered into a lottery where you could win a new car. In that case, your odds of winning are 1 in 150,000.

Would you be sitting on the edge of your seat in that stadium as they're reading the ticket number or would you believe that, realistically, you're not going to win? To equal the odds of winning the Powerball lottery, you would have to fill that same stadium to capacity 1,947 more times and put all of those people together and have the same drawing for the one car. Would anybody believe they could actually win in a crowd of people that large?

Still not convinced? If they were giving away a new home to just one person and everybody in the six most populated states in the United States entered, that would equal your chances of winning the lottery.Of course, someone has to win the lottery, and the only way to win it is to be in it, as the ads say. But what's the best way to be in it? The rules of probability dictate you do not increase your odds of winning the lottery by playing frequently. So each time you play the lottery, there is independent probability—much like a coin toss where each and every toss, regardless of the number of tosses, has a one in two probability of landing on heads. The odds stay the same—in the lottery and the coin toss—regardless of the frequency of playing.

You can, however, increase your odds by purchasing more tickets for the same lottery drawing. Keep in mind, though, that two tickets might increase your odds from one in 14 million to two in 14 million, which is not a significant improvement, statistically speaking. Someone would have to buy a lot of tickets to appreciably increase their odds of winning. Even if a person could afford to, however, he or she could not buy enough lottery tickets to guarantee a win unless he or she was the only person buying the tickets. As more tickets are collectively sold, the odds of winning inversely decrease.

Insufficient evidence backing herbal medicines for weight loss

Researchers from the University of Sydney have conducted the first global review of herbal medicines for weight loss in 19 years, finding insufficient evidence to recommend any current treatments.To get more news about radix astragali, you can visit shine news official website.

Senior author Dr Nick Fuller said with overweight and obesity rates reaching epidemic proportions worldwide, many people are turning to herbal supplements as an alternative approach to maintain or lose weight.

"The problem with supplements is that unlike pharmaceutical drugs, clinical evidence is not required before they are made available to the public in supermarkets or chemists," said Dr Fuller from the University of Sydney's Boden Collaboration for Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise and Eating Disorders based at its Charles Perkins Centre.

The systematic review and meta-analysis, published in Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism, analysed the latest international research in this area finding 54 randomised controlled trials comparing the effect of herbal medicines to placebo for weight loss in over 4000 participants.

Results of the review and metanalysis

The research team found that despite some of the herbal medicines showing statistically greater weight loss than placebo, weight loss was less than 2.5kg and therefore not of clinical significance.

"This finding suggests there is insufficient evidence to recommend any of these herbal medicines for the treatment of weight loss. Furthermore, many studies had poor research methods or reporting and even though most supplements appear safe for short-term consumption, they are expensive and are not going to provide a weight loss that is clinically meaningful," said Dr Fuller.

About herbal medicines for weight loss

The most recent data on the use of weight loss supplements, from a US study, showed that among people trying to lose weight 16 percent (12 percent of men and 19 percent of women) reported past-year use.

Herbal medicines, or 'herbal supplements' as they are commonly known, are products containing a plant or combinations of plants as the active ingredient. They come in various forms including pills, powders or liquids.

Common herbal supplements used for weight loss include green tea, garcinia cambogia, white kidney bean and African mango.

The authors write that between 1996 and 2006, 1000 dietary supplements for weight loss were listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods without evaluation of efficacy.

These substances can be sold and marketed to the public with sponsors (those who import, export or manufacture goods) only required to hold, but not necessarily produce, evidence substantiating their claims. The authors note that only 20 percent of new listings are audited annually to ensure they meet this requirement.

In some countries, the only requirement is that the supplement contains acceptable levels of non?medicinal substances.

"The growth in the industry and popularity of these products highlights the importance of conducting more robust studies on the effectiveness and safety of these supplements for weight loss," said Dr Fuller.

The review excluded studies where the herbal medicine did not include the whole plant, was comprised of plant oils or combined with other dietary supplements such as fibres and proteins. This analysis will be reported in a future paper.

Pompeo Says 'Enormous Evidence' Connects Wuhan Lab to Virus

U.S. President Donald Trump promised a “conclusive” report on the Chinese origins of the coronavirus outbreak, showing relations between the world’s biggest economies are set to remain rocky at least until the next election six months from now.To get more news about coronavirus wuhan china, you can visit shine news official website.

Trump pledged the report Sunday in a “virtual town hall” with Fox News, in which he added that he had little doubt that Beijing misled the world about the scale and risk of the disease. Earlier, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said “enormous evidence” shows the Covid-19 outbreak began in a laboratory in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, without providing evidence to support his claims.

“We’re going to be giving a very strong report as to exactly what we think happened. And I think it will be very conclusive,” Trump said in response to a question about the lab. “My opinion is they made a mistake. They tried to cover it. They tried to put it out, just like a fire.”

American and Chinese officials have been trading charges for weeks as the U.S. became one of the countries hardest hit by the disease. Trump has been ratcheting up efforts to paint China as the villain, as the U.S. economy drifts into recession and the president’s handling of the crisis boosts support for the presumptive Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden.The dispute has complicated efforts to mount a global response to the virus, with U.S. officials emphasizing Chinese responsibility for failing to stop its spread. The spat also renewed fears that the “phase one” trade deal reached by both sides in January won’t be enough to prevent their relationship from becoming increasingly confrontational.

“The Trump administration’s singular focus on holding China to account for its role in the pandemic scuttles any remaining chance that the U.S. and China will hit pause on their strategic competition ahead of the election,” said Ashley Townshend, director of foreign policy and defense at the University of Sydney’s U.S. Studies Centre. “The election may well become a referendum on which candidate -- Trump or Biden -- is most trusted to be tough on China.”

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs didn’t respond to a request for comment Monday, a public holiday in Beijing.

Although China has avoided criticizing Trump by name, the foreign ministry last Thursday accused some U.S. officials of trying “to shift their own responsibility for their poor handling of the epidemic to others.” Chinese state media also released an animated video mocking the speed of the U.S.’s response to the outbreak.

Although China has reprimanded Wuhan police for punishing doctors who sounded early warnings about the disease and replaced local officials responsible for the initial outbreak, Beijing says its response has been open and transparent. China’s foreign ministry has cited Trump’s tweets praising Xi’s handling of the outbreak as evidence of U.S. satisfaction with its response.

The White House’s deputy national security adviser, Matt Pottinger, is scheduled to speak on the U.S. relationship with China Monday in a online seminar hosted by the University of Virginia’s Miller Center. Pottinger’s remarks will champion democracy and freedom in China and won’t directly address intelligence on the virus, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Pottinger will deliver part of his remarks in Mandarin, the person said, calling it a first for a senior U.S. official.

Earlier Sunday, the Associated Press reported that U.S. officials believe China covered up the extent of the outbreak, in part, to stock up on medical supplies needed to respond to the virus. Pompeo separately told ABC’s “This Week” that there was “a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory in Wuhan.”“These are not the first times that we’ve had a world exposed to viruses as a result of failures in a Chinese lab,” Pompeo said.