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WoW: Burning Crusade's Best Moments

Apr 6 2021 at 23:59

As the first expansion pack for World of Warcraft, expectations were sky high for The Burning Crusade. After putting hundreds of hours into their characters, players were eager to get to the next adventure. Luckily, The Burning Crusade proved to be a worthy successor to the phenomenal MMO. There were countless memorable moments to be found within the Outlands of The Burning Crusade, but these are the best.To get more news about cheap wow classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Crossing through the Dark Portal for the first time was a huge event in the WoW timeline. The journey through the Blasted Lands to the landmark was an adventure in itself on launch day, especially on a PvP server. Having the Horde and Alliance in the same place at the same time rarely ends without some sort of mischief. For The Burning Crusade, this mischief was trying to prevent players of the other faction from crossing over into Hellfire Peninsula by murdering them on their way up the ramp to the big glowing portal. Whether it was fun, or absolutely infuriating, that trip was certainly memorable. The other side of the portal wasn't bad either.
World of Warcraft players questing their way across the introductory zone were inevitably introduced to a new type of enemy in The Burning Crusade, the Fel Reaver. This huge mech would wander across the landscape, bringing instant death to whomever was unfortunate enough to attract its attention. Despite the fact that its heavy footfalls literally shook the screen, the Fel Reaver was shockingly sneaky and developed a reputation for surprising players at the worst possible times. While Illidan Stormrage was the ultimate villain of the expansion (and one of the most powerful characters in World of Warcraft) the Hellfire Fel Reaver was a much bigger menace for the average player.

Another memorable moment for The Burning Crusade players came when replacing their favorite epic gear with lowly greens. The bittersweet feeling of upgrading a piece of gear that may have been the result of months worth of weekly raids with a random uncommon green became the standard operating procedure in expansions, but was first introduced in The Burning Crusade. Even gear from Naxxramas, the final raid of the original game, was no match for the boosted power of those early The Burning Crusade quest rewards.

Hitting World of Warcraft's new max level of 70 was an accomplishment, but getting a flying mount was perhaps an even bigger one. Nowadays, flying mounts are the standard way to get around in World of Warcraft, but they were brand-new in The Burning Crusade. Originally, this type of mount was only useable within the Outlands, and cost a pretty penny. Getting one required quite a bit of work, but the first time that the winged beast leapt up into the air made it well worth the investment.
WoW players who were looking for a fresh start, or just wanted to take a break from their mains, had the option of rolling new characters as two new races were introduced to the game. The blue-skinned, space fairing Draenei sided with the Alliance, while the Horde was bolstered by the addition of the magic-addicted Blood Elves. After years of playing as the same starting races, playing as - or even just walked by - these fresh faces was an incredible moment. Both races were a blast to play, but the Blood Elves had access to the best song in The Burning Crusade.


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