wisepowder: Stainless Steel Ferrule Rope Mesh

Stainless Steel Ferrule Rope Mesh

Apr 6 2021 at 22:11

Stainless steel ferrule rope mesh includes in stainless steel ferrule mesh and stainless steel knotted mesh. Stainless steel rope mesh is used for large animal enclosures mesh, monkey mountain fence, birds shelter net and liger security fence.To get more news about stainless steel ferrule rope mesh, you can visit mesh-fabrics.com official website.

Flexible stainless steel ferrule cable mesh is one kind of our zoo security mesh, widely used in garden remodeling Monkey Mountain fence, birds shelter net, the Liger fence and large animal cages mesh.

Material: 304,304L,316,316L

Lightweight, high-strength, never rust, softness, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, breaking force, the overall structure of the rugged life of more than 30 years;Good perspective, luxurious appearance close to nature, green and new style itself is a big attraction.
Compared with rigid wire mesh,the flexible stainless steel wire rope ferrule mesh has light weight.flexible.easy transportation and installation. lower initial construction cost.Candurs is experienced in providing all kinds of rope wire mesh solution meet your special architectural and safety application.


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