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Rope & Rod Green Walls

Apr 6 2021 at 21:54

Jakob Rope and Rod Green Walls are tailored made using stainless steel wire rope suspension and tension systems to provide a framework for growing specific varieties of climbing plants.To get more news about stainless steel green facade, you can visit mesh-fabrics.com official website.

Plants can either be grown up green wall systems or cascaded down. In either case maintenance is simple and straightforward and is carried out at the planter level.

The green wall system is equally suited to new build and retro-fit projects and can be fixed to the majority of façade materials.

In urban areas, a green wall can help improve local air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide, by releasing oxygen and by trapping dust and other pollutants.Each component within Jakob Inox Line is made from AISI 316 1.4401 and AISI 316L 1.4404 alloys for excellent corrosion resistance, allowing the system to be used in all the applications - even coastal.

The Jakob system is lightweight, easy and fast to install. The green wall systems support new plants which are planted on site. Typically for a square meter of coverage, the system weighs only 20-30kg when planted.

The lifespan of facade greening can range from 30 to 100 years. To ensure that the training system outlives the plants, the selection of materials is crucial.

MMA has undertaken extensive research into the many benefits of facade greening and can provide advice and support for the design and construction of external facade greening systems, making sure that the training system and plant selection is optimal for each application.


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