goodwood: the N95 respirator looks the same

the N95 respirator looks the same

Apr 20 2020 at 20:46

“In this week ’s news, there were reports that members of the Auto Club collected N95 masks that were not used and donated them to the hospital. In addition, there were notices on the door of the hardware store that they did not have N95 masks in stock.
Why would a group of machine heads and hardware stores have N95 respirators? At first, the masks were used for mechanical / industrial purposes, not for medical purposes
According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), "The" N95 "sign means that after careful testing, this respirator can block at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) test particles."
N95 was a descendant of the gas masks invented by scientists during World War I and World War II; soldiers used them to clean the air supply. The miners used similar masks and used glass fiber as a filter to prevent black lung disease. Although their job is to filter out small particles, they are huge, heavy, and the thermal mask wraps the entire head, usually made of rubber. "All protective masks are these huge, masked things," Nikki McCullough, director of occupational health and safety at 3M, which produces N95 protective masks, recently interviewed by Fast Company Said. "You can wash it at night and then wear it again."
The first masks were effective, but they were not so easy to use and put on. Scientists at 3M have redesigned a more convenient mask. On May 25, 1972, the modern N95 mask was approved. This disposable mask uses a melted polymer that is sprayed into a very small fiber layer through air. When viruses, steam or silica particles are trapped in the fibers, they are trapped in the maze. In addition, 3M added static charge to the material, so smaller particles were also drawn in.
The new N95 respiratory protective mask is comfortable and breathable, but can only be used once. Why? Because these masks are extraordinary achievements-wearing them will be more efficient; new particles will attach to the particles already captured in the mask, which is very effective. Difficult to breathe.
This is why the best time to wear the n95 is about 8 hours. The respirator is full. And, unlike their predecessors, you can't wash them and put them on again.
N95 gas masks are widely used in industrial applications such as automotive painting, mining, and construction. Prior to this, gas masks have been widely used in the medical field. Medical applications did not appear until the 1990s, when doctors began wearing them to stop the airborne spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis. In China, during the outbreak of SARS (2002-2004), citizens and Beijing residents wore n95 to protect themselves from air pollution. Nowadays, they are rarely used in hospitals-only when a severe respiratory virus outbreak like COVID-19 is needed, this most advanced respirator is needed .
N95 is efficient, but not perfect-it must be sealed on the face to work, which makes it very inefficient for children and bearded people. But now, it is the best medical staff, including doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and others in the medical field must protect them from covid19 infections to protect themselves and their patients from viral infections.
A federal legislation signed on March 18 now allows N95 mask manufacturers to immediately start producing tens of millions of masks and deliver them to American medical personnel as soon as possible.
Like the previous models, the design of the N95 is constantly evolving. Now, 3M, Honeywell and other companies making N95 are constantly adjusting the technology to improve the efficiency, technology and wear resistance of existing models. Although the appearance of the N95 respirator looks the same, the internal microcosm is getting better. "We have been improving technology," McCullough said. "We have thousands of scientists working at 3M."


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