mbtusa: mbt shoes sale it is the reduction of

mbt shoes sale it is the reduction of

Nov 17 2013 at 19:39

This is more like a monopoly -style regulation , such as the telecommunications regulatory authorities not only get out in telecommunications, but also only regulates telecommunications, naturally has its regulatory actions shadow of sectoral interests . From this level, every minute telephone charges dispute is essentially a monopoly industry sector and public interests of the dispute. The rule of law in society, no matter what industry, as long as there is a market behavior , it should comply with the market order, to accept market regulation , which is to protect the interests of consumers on the premise , mbt shoes sale it is the reduction of the public interest . Former National People's Congress , the richest man in northern Guangdong , Zhu Siyi bribery case November 25 trial , the trial Zhu Siyi done an injustice , mbt shoes said he was sentenced to just bribe is heavier than bribery . That the verdict sentencing overweight , request commuted . ( November 27 , Beijing Times )

Bribery is heavier than bribery sentence was , this phenomenon , apparently formed with the impression that people have been inconsistent . Because the relationship between bribery and bribery is called involution , mistakes sometimes in order to facilitate progress in the detection of cases , bribery sentence was lighter than the bribery has become an inherent impression. In fact, in criminal law penalties for bribery indeed more stringent than bribery .

Of course, in accordance with the provisions of the law point of view, the penalty for Zhu Siyi and no obvious wrong with it. Moreover, regardless of how the penalty for those who accepted bribes should not be grounds briber done an injustice , if justice can go on comparisons with each other so that between the briber and the bribe would not become indistinct chicken , egg problem ?

On the other hand , Zhu Siyi this complaint also make people subconsciously think of the results for those who accepted bribes . In the end is what makes this bribe takers even lighter sentence than the Giver ? There is no doubt that , in dealing with bribery case in the process, often taking into voluntarily surrendered themselves , provide clues , resulting in losses on many factors , there is also heavy bribe bribery sentence than not impossible .


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