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New World firefighters' best build in PvP and PvE and gold coin tips

After playing New World for a while, I feel that magic weapons such as fire staff are one of the best new world weapons in the game. This is a good choice for those who want to cause a lot of damage in a DPS role.

When building gear for a new world, you need to spend time upgrading weapons, carefully assigning attribute points, and choosing the skills to be used in battle. The synergy of weapons with common attributes is particularly good. You would naturally think that magical weapons like fire sticks and ice gloves can work well together. But the fire stick is certainly not the only weapon choice in the new world. Now we will introduce the best firefighter PvP build and the best firefighter PvE build.

The best PvP builds are fire sticks and rapiers. This kind of DPS construction mainly uses the fire stick as a last effort to attack from a distance or get rid of the danger, and the rapier is your main weapon for causing damage.

You should use your attribute points mainly for intelligence, because your fire soldiers use it as the primary attribute, and the rapier uses it as a secondary attribute. We recommend that you upgrade your physique to at least 50 before your intelligence exceeds 100, and focus on your physique after your intelligence reaches the highest level. You should also wear light armor so that your equipment is lightly loaded to avoid enemy attacks. In order to let you know the skills to be upgraded, we used the new world fan building tool to combine and build graphics.

The firefighter tree abilities we recommend using are:

    Fireball-In this version, the fireball is mainly used to hit enemies within range. If your enemy is some distance away from you, you can use it to sneak some initial burning damage.
    Incineration-If things are a bit too hot for you, you can use incineration to cause huge explosion damage to the enemy, while you back up and find a healer to restore your health.
    Burn Out-When combined with incinerate, you can pass through enemies. You can also use it with fleche to improve mobility and fast damage on the battlefield.

The best new world firefighter PVE build

Fire Staff performs well in PvP, but its high damage output is also very valuable in PvE situations. For PvE, we recommend the fire staff and ice gloves. This version uses your skills to cause a lot of damage to the enemy at once. Keep your distance and attack groups of enemies as much as possible, because most of your skills will cause area damage.

You want to maximize your intelligence because your two weapons use this attribute as their main attribute. Let me tell you some tips.

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