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New World patch 1.0.2 will modify some content and fix errors

New World patch 1.0.2 was launched online at 5:00 am on October 13th, US Central Time. The patch description contains a large number of bug fixes and much-needed adjustments to faction missions.

Brings some major changes to the many different game mechanics players have been using. The biggest of these changes will be the faction mission system. This patch will adjust the gain rate of influence over time, making it more difficult to flip territory and declare war. Now, this can be done easily, but after the change, the factions will need more running-in. One way to achieve this is to eliminate the decrease in the influence of the defender over time and the increase in the influence of the attacker over time.

Many bugs and issues that plagued the game have been resolved in patch 1.0.2. It is worth noting that the bear generators used by some players to hone XP and skinning levels have been fixed by reducing the respawn speed of these bears. A similar problem has been solved in Boars in Restless Shores. There are also some fixes in the in-game store. These fixes will also fix armor issues, item unlock errors, and ensure that the skin preview works properly.

Depending on the size of the update, there may be some downtime when implementing the changes. In addition, our handy new world server guide shows you how to check the status of the game, or if you are just starting, provide you with information to help you decide which one to choose. So far, Amazon has not released any large-scale updated roadmap.

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