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Exercise, Eat Right, Sleep Tight: The Beauty of Balanced Life

A lifestyle can greatly affect the way things unfold. Exercising, eating right and getting enough sleep can greatly affect productivity and improve the quality of life. Usually, people are more concentrated on getting their bodies into shape believing that it is enough to live healthily.

However, there is more to it than just tending to the body – the mind needs nourishment as well. By combining different ways to better yourself, you will discover the beauty of a balanced life and feel reborn. And this trend is taking over the world with people changing their habits to healthier behaviors and practices.

Start your day with exercise

Morning is the most underestimated time of day, probably because people wake up and hurry to get ready for the day ahead. But rushing to get out of the door will only bring more anxiety into your day and open the doors for more stress. So, instead, start your day with a fresh boost of feel-good hormones like serotonin and endorphins through a short exercise.  

Only 20 minutes of yoga, HIIT training or pilates will get your spirits up, give you more energy and increase your blood flow. Your brain will get more oxygen and you will feel refreshed and more focused which is especially important for those heading off to work or school. And the best part is that these exercises don't need complicated equipment and a lot of space. Just with an exercise ball, a mat, dumbbells and proper breathing technique you will get your body and mind in good shape every day.  

Find time for joy

No one is happy all the time, but there are moments in life that you shouldn’t consciously deny yourself. Go outside more and enjoy nature on hikes, bike rides or simply by taking walks in the nearby park. Get a dog or another pet since they are beneficial for mental health and spend more time doing things you like such are reading or watching movies.

Spend more time with your loved ones and even when you can’t do it in person, stay in touch through video calls and messages. Sometimes a kind word is all a person needs to fight the stress and feel joy. Join a charity and help your community, but also don’t be afraid to ask for help yourself when you need it.

Change your eating habits to a balanced diet

It takes time to buy ingredients and cook, not to mention cleaning after yourself, so people rather choose easier options. These involve fast-food restaurants, processed food, and snacks full of trans-fats which can have serious consequences on a person's health. However, there are so many solutions for a balanced diet today that not changing eating habits for the better has become only an excuse.

For example, there is a trend of healthy meals delivered in Sydney to office and home or smoothie-for-meal practice taking over Europe. In the USA, people cook for several days ahead and take their lunches to work while in Japan you have one hour of a break to enjoy your meal. Fruits and vegetables should be a part of your plate and always read labels on the products for hidden sugar. Use low-fat dairies, less salt and whole grains like quinoa, oats and brown rice and beans, legumes, lean beef, chicken and fish for protein.

A goodnight's sleep is a game-changer

Normally, people should sleep from 6 to 8 hours every night to function properly the next day. However, there is more to sleep than just hours and feel rested tomorrow. The most important aspect to concentrate on is getting quality sleep without interruptions. This means that you should keep your electronic devices out of your bedroom and use a drape to shade any light coming in.

A lot of people have problems with falling asleep or suffer from insomnia which in turn leads to even more anxiety and fatigue. But this vicious circle can be broken by playing relaxing sounds before sleep, taking melatonin supplements and meditating on a daily basis. Since when people sleep the body and mind regenerate, having a goodnight’s sleep will help you be better at your job, stay healthy and fight off stress.


The beauty of a balanced life isn't in not having problems but in being unafraid to solve them and move on. Don't let excuses make choices for you, and decide to lead a healthy lifestyle with proper diet, sleep, and exercise. And for the final ingredient, surround yourself with people you love and let them be parts of your journey.