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How To Stay Healthy In Lockdown Times

The world is reeling under the pandemic of COVID-19, and time is going tough for all the people. There are several challenges that have come up for the people around the world, even if they are confined in their homes due to lockdown. The world is fighting a deadly virus outside, but it is crucial that you take care of your health while being at home. Staying healthy is also an essential thing now since all the medical facilities are now jam-packed with COVID-19 patients, and reaching a hospital is also a tough task right now. Staying healthy should be a priority for all and even taking care of your family’s health. To know how you can stay healthy in the lockdown of this pandemic, have a look at the suggestions given below.

Set a routine and follow it
Following a routine will help in keeping you healthy, both physically and mentally. Since most of your tasks are off-schedule now in the pandemic lockdown, an inclination to defer work creeps in. You need to overcome this habit and do every job in a specific time period. Set a sleeping and waking up pattern and follow that religiously. Ensure that you get plenty of sleep for at least 7-8 hours without disturbance. Try to avoid daytime naps, so you don’t experience any disruption in nighttime sleep.

Try to exercise every day
Going outdoors and to the gym are now restricted, so you can try some indoor exercises to stay fit. There various types of exercises that you can do at home, even without the help of heavy equipment. They will aid in body flexibility and even improve your mood quality. If you have an exercise bike or treadmill at home, then it will be extremely useful during these times. Freehand exercises like yoga, squats, planks, and Tai-Chi can be very helpful in keeping you fit in this quarantine period.

Watch your diet
You have to take special care for your diet and stick to a nutritious, healthy diet. Since pizza parlors and junk food stalls are closed during the lockdown, it is an opportunity for you to lose the extra weight that has been bothering you. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits will be very beneficial for your physical and mental health. Take a sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, and minerals that will help to strengthen your immune system, which is very crucial in the coronavirus pandemic time.

Stay hydrated 
You also have to maintain your body fluid level so that your body can function in a proper way. It will be ideal that you drink 8-9 glasses of water daily along with other eatables that have an ample amount of fluid in them. In this way, you will be able to maintain your hydration level and keep yourself healthy.

Spend some time in nature
You might be restricted from stepping outside your home, but you can go to the balcony and terrace of your home or building. The earth is now in its best shape with low pollution and clean air due to the lockdown. Hence, breathing the clean air will also help in refreshing your mind.                       

Relationships and stress levels – What is the connection?

You realize that solid, strong connections carry happiness and satisfaction to your life – however did you realize they can likewise help bring down your feelings of anxiety and remain sound longer? You might have experienced that being in a loving and caring relationship; you excel in your other aspects f life. In fact, as per studies, working professionals who are having good personal relationships are known to chase deadlines and do well in their work. On the other hand, people who are not supported by their family members or loved ones often feel discouraged and they are not enough motivated to complete a task.  

Stress levels can touch the sky when one is not being loved by and wanted by his/her loved ones. In this article we are going to look into the effects or unsupportive or bad relationship on the stress levels experienced by an individual.

Social associations are a characteristic path for individuals to oversee pressure and remain fundamental – we're wired from birth to search out connections for a feeling of wellbeing and security. By gathering these various needs, your connections can enable you to expand your vitality and feeling of prosperity.

In particular, social associations can help calm worry by:
•    Being inalienably agreeable
•    Offering a feeling of having a place, being required, and being valuable
•    Providing open doors for gaining from companions
•    Giving you an opportunity to help other people
•    Giving you an opportunity to feel esteemed
•    Providing importance throughout everyday life
•    Offering assistance with critical thinking
•    Offering even minded guide (for example give you a lift when your vehicle is in the shop)
•    Giving enthusiastic help during troublesome occasions

Research has additionally appeared solid connections may enable us to live more. A nine-year milestone think about (distributed in 1979) took a gander at the demise rates of 6,928 individuals and found that the passing rate of socially confined individuals was twice as high as the rates for those with solid social ties. Essentially, another investigation found that through the span of three years, male overcomers of heart assaults were twice as prone to kick the bucket when they were socially confined, as contrasted and the individuals who had more associations.

A significant part of the intensity of connections lies in the open door they give to giggle, play, and offer great occasions. Significantly, the feeling of association they offer can empower you to feel like a piece of an option that is bigger than yourself. This empowers you to feel bolstered and ameliorated through awful occasions. During day by day life, it can likewise bolster your endeavors to keep up a solid way of life, (for example, eating a reasonable eating regimen and practicing consistently). Along these lines, by making minding, strong connections a focal piece of how you care for yourself, you will probably pressure less about existence's challenges, acknowledge a greater amount of the decency that comes your direction, and carry on with a more drawn out, more joyful life.