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Why Doesn't the Black Hole Image Look Like the One From Interstellar?

No one knew what a black hole looked like before today. Sure, we thought we knew, thanks to simulations and the now-famous black hole featured in the movie Interstellar.To get more news about interstellar black hole, you can visit shine news official website.

But today, scientists behind the Event Horizon Telescope unveiled an image of the 6.5-billion-solar-mass black hole at the center of the (relatively) nearby galaxy M87. And a quick glance will show you that it doesn’t look anything like Gargantua, the black hole in the movie Interstellar. So, we asked physicists behind both images to help explain the differences.

First off, if you’re completely lost, black holes are objects predicted by the theory of general relativity to have such an incredible gravitational field that light can’t escape once it enters a region called the event horizon. Today, scientists behind the Event Horizon Telescope unveiled an image of this phenomenon—not a photograph, but a reconstructed picture of the shadow that the black hole casts on the light behind it, created from data taken by eight telescopes around the world.

The black hole unveiled today looked more or less exactly the way that the Event Horizon Telescope scientists, guided by Einstein’s theory of relativity, expected it to look. Like, to an impressive degree. See:They’re not as different as you might expect. “The image in Interstellar is almost correct,” Kazunori Akiyama, postdoctoral researcher at the MIT Haystack Observatory who led the team that created the EHT’s image, explained to Gizmodo.

Perhaps most notably, the Interstellar black hole has a thin streak of matter around its center, which M87's black hole seems to lack. That’s a simple difference to explain—initial evidence shows that we’re viewing M87's black hole from closer to one of the poles, rather than from head on. The disk of matter around M87 would be obscured by the observation angle, Akiyama explained. Take Saturn’s rings—they don’t cross the planet when you look at it from the top or bottom.

But we’re not looking at the black hole completely head on, and that’s the origin of the other main difference. M87‘s black hole seems to have a far brighter crescent-like shape on the bottom left. What you’re actually looking at is the fact that M87's black hole is probably spinning. The material orbiting the black hole would also spin, and spacetime itself would warp around the black hole. That means that material moving toward us would appear brighter, while material moving away from us would appear dimmer—which you can see in the M87 image.

“Christopher Nolan omitted that brightening because the human eye would likely not be able to discern the brightness differences on the two sides of the hole when the overall brightness is so extreme,” Kip Thorne, Cal Tech physicist and advisor on the film Interstellar, told Gizmodo. Nolan did take some artistic license with the appearance of the film’s black hole, as we’ve previously explained, including things like lens flare.

But there are other differences as well, explained Thorne. The black hole envisioned by Thorne had a much thinner, opaque disk of material. The black hole observed by the Event Horizon Telescope team appears to have a much thicker disk, but one that is somewhat more transparent to light. These are relatively minor points.

The Event Horizon Telescope will continue to take images, both of M87's black hole and of the black hole at the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. These images will create even clearer pictures—and will surely help science fiction produce more accurate visions of black holes than ever before.

Why would you want to use a VPN service?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections are fairly common at work these days. If you travel for business, or work from home, there’s a very good chance that your connection back to the office is protected by a VPN.VPN download

The VPN acts like a secure tunnel between your computer and the remote system. Data passing along that tunnel is encrypted to prevent hackers stealing sensitive information as it passes over the Internet.

Protecting business data using a VPN makes sense, but they can be used for your personal connections too. And there’s some very good reasons for doing so.

VPN connections are similar to the SSL protection offered by ecommerce websites to encrypt information like credit card numbers and passwords – but what about sites that don’t use SSL? Any information sent between your computer and a website without encryption could be intercepted by hackers.Buy VPN

Using a VPN service all of your Internet traffic is encrypted , which makes it much harder for thieves to steal. A VPN service is a great way to protect against identity theft, fraud and other online scams.
2. Blocking ads

For many people, online advertising is out of control. Media-rich adverts make surfing the web slow and painful – particularly on mobile devices. There are also serious concerns about ad tracking, the information being gathered by advertisers, and how that data is being used (or who it is being sold to).

A VPN connection helps to anonymise your activities, making it much harder for advertisers to track you online.

3. Unlocking international Netflix (or other streaming services)

Streaming websites like Netflix, BT Sport and Sky use geolocation technology to detect where you are accessing their service from. If you go on holiday abroad, these apps will stop working because you’ve left your home country.

Video streaming services have to implement these blocks to comply with their contractual agreements – but it’s very annoying for anyone unable to use their paid-for subscription. Fortunately VPNs provide a solution.

When using VPN, the geolocation services cannot detect where you actually are. So if you pick a VPN service based in the same country as your subscription, you will be able to watch video from anywhere in the world.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

How to watch Fox News Live from abroad with a VPN

Fox News Live, also known as Fox News Go, is available online for viewers who have a cable subscription, such as a package from AT&T, Verizon, DirecTV, or Comcast. However, the caveat to this is that you must also have a US IP address to be able to log in to the service. If you log in to Fox News Live from outside the US, you’ll be allowed to stream the first 10 minutes of video before the restrictions kick in.unblock websites

In order to proceed further without being blocked, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In this article, we’ll explain how to do exactly that and the best VPNs to unblock Fox News Live.

VPNs obfuscate your actual physical location by encrypting all the traffic flowing to and from your device and tunneling it via an intermediary server. Most of them ship with server locations across the globe, including the United States. Hence, a VPN will enable you to access Fox News Go from France, Canada, Australia, Spain, Japan, the UK, or anywhere else in the world.
ExpressVPN is our top pick for unblocking Fox News Live. This is a world-class VPN provider that offers unmatched ability to thwart restrictions on content and streaming services. It’s fast to the point that you won’t notice any lag while attempting to stream HD video. With over 2,000 servers spread across the world, including plenty of options in the United States, you’re guaranteed a fast connection.

ExpressVPN doesn’t retain any personally identifiable user data and is a consistent performer when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted streams like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, Sky, and more. As such, it won’t have any problems unblocking Fox News Go.
Customer support via live chat is available around the clock. Apps for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS are available. A single connection allows for three devices to connect simultaneously.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

Using a VPN to protect your web use

Lots of us surf using unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and where I live in the US, Starbucks doesn't require a pass code and the Wi-Fi is up 24/7 regardless of whether the shop is open. Are there any good free VPNs for privacy in such a situation? I'm using Cocoon with Firefox, but I don't have the means to compare it with alternatives.
A VPN, or virtual private network, creates a virtual "tunnel" of encrypted data running over the public internet. VPNs first became popular as a way of connecting different parts of a company without the high cost of leasing dedicated phone lines. Secure encryption was needed to protect corporate data, and one consequence was that nobody else – internet service providers (ISPs), snoopers etc – could see what sort of traffic was inside the data VPN

Today, many individuals are using VPNs for the security and privacy they provide. Some people use VPNs at Wi-Fi hotspots to prevent snoopers from collecting private information. Others use VPNs at home as a way to get around ISPs and service providers blocking certain websites, which may include Pirate Bay, Facebook and BBC iPlayer. Of course, cybercriminals also use VPNs and anonymous proxy servers, though Tor might be a more likely prospect.

The simplest type of VPN is one that runs at the application level, typically inside a web browser. In your case, this is Cocoon, which is available for different browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer) and different operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple's Mac OS X and Linux). The drawback is that it only protects what's in the browser. If you were to run another browser alongside Firefox, or a separate email program, the data from these other programs would not be protected by Cocoon's VPN.

The most popular VPN for personal users – which I mentioned in response to your similar question in 2010 – is probably AnchorFree's Hotspot Shield. Like many other cheap or free VPNs, Hotspot Shield is based on open source OpenVPN code, so it encrypts all the internet traffic on your PC: every web browser, email program, and so on. It supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Apple iOS devices, with Android to come.

The drawbacks with Hotspot Shield are that, as with Cocoon and some other VPNs, the free versions are supported by showing adverts, though you can avoid these by upgrading to a paid-for version. Hotspot Shield also switches your home page and default search engine, though you can switch these back. This can be annoying and has prompted some users to look elsewhere, but you can pay AnchorFree $29.95 per year for its Hotspot Shield Elite service, or if you use it for travelling, buy 20 one-day passes for $10.

There are, of course, dozens of alternative VPNs, and there's a big list on the internet censorship wiki. The ones worth considering include SecurityKiss, CyberGhost, and It's Hidden. It's Hidden's servers are based in the Netherlands, which may not suit US users.

One of the features of a VPN is that your internet connection appears to come from wherever the server is based: it acts as your proxy on the internet. This can confuse websites that do a lot of geolocation and personalisation, such as Google, which will serve up versions in the local language. This can, of course, be useful. Europeans can use a US-based VPN server to watch videos that are otherwise blocked in our region, while those who live outside the UK can use a UK-based VPN to watch TV programmes on, for example, the BBC's iPlayer. Indeed, AnchorFree produced ExpatShield for Windows, so that pining Brits could get a UK IP and access content available only in UK from anywhere.
When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

New VPN Service at ODU

ODU's Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows secure access to ODU resources from off campus. Employees can access remote network drives and folders, as well as services like Banner that require a connection to an ODU network.VPN service

This fall, we will begin transitioning from the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client to the Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN client. The new service will have Monarch-Key integration, making it easier to log in with your MIDAS ID and two-factor authentication. You should also notice improved performance, greater availability and increased stability.

Using the new VPN
Click on the buttons above to find detailed step-by-step instructions for using the new GlobalProtect client. Here's the overview:

Remove Cisco AnyConnect from your computer.
download the GlobalProtect agent for your computer using your MIDAS ID and password.
Follow the prompts to install the agent, then use GlobalProtect to connect to the ODU VPN at
You should also make sure you're following ODU's computer security practices.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

Mozilla Launches 'Firefox Private Network' VPN Service as a Browser Extension

Mozilla has officially launched a new privacy-focused VPN service, called Firefox Private Network, as a browser extension that aims to encrypt your online activity and limit what websites and advertisers know about you.VPN
Firefox Private Network service is currently in beta and available only to desktop users in the United States as part of Mozilla's recently expunged "Firefox Test Pilot" program that lets users try out new experimental features before they were officially released.
The Firefox Test Pilot program was first launched by the company three years ago but was shut down in January this year. The company now decided to bring the program back but with some changes.
Like any other best VPN service, Firefox Private Network also masks your IP address from third-party online trackers and protect your sensitive information, like the website you visit and your financial information, when using public Wi-Fi.
Mozilla says its Firefox Private Network "provides a secure, encrypted path to the web to protect your connection and your personal information anywhere, and everywhere you use your Firefox browser."
The Firefox Private Network VPN service also encrypts and funnels every Internet browsing activity of yours through a collection of remote proxy servers, thereby masking your real location/identity and blocking third parties, including government and your ISP, from snooping on your connection.
The actual proxy servers for the Firefox Private Network extension is provided by Cloudflare, the company that offers one of the biggest and fastest CDN, DNS and DDoS protection services.
For those concerned about the data collection by Cloudflare, Mozilla promises "strong privacy controls" to limit what data Cloudflare may collect and for how long it may store that data.
How To Sign Up For Firefox VPN Service
Firefox Private Network currently works only on desktops but is believed to be made available for mobile users as well, once the VPN exits beta.
Although the Firefox Private Network service is currently free, Mozilla hinted that the company is exploring possible pricing options for the service in the future to keep it self-sustainable.
For now, if you have a Firefox account and reside in the United States, you can test the Firefox VPN service for free by signing up on the Firefox Private Network website.
Once installed on your desktop, the Firefox Private Network extension will add a toggle on the toolbar of your Firefox web browser so you can easily turn it on or off at any time.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

Eye care specialist warns public on eyelash mites inflammation

Nowadays, eyelash extensions are one of the top beauty trends. Eye care specialists say if you don’t take proper care of them, you’ll end up with tiny critters on your lash line.

In Kern County, there has been at least one case reported each month of blepharitis on people’s lashes or in other words “eyelash mites inflammation.”

Lash mites are tiny bugs that are not visible and tend to live inside the root of a person’s eyelashes. I spoke with Dr. Dang, a Dry Eye Clinic Director from Empire Eye and Laser Center about how this beauty trend turns buggy.Eyelash extension manufacturers

“You pay a lot of money for eyelash extensions, you don’t do a very good job at cleaning because you want them to stay in your eyes,” said Dr. Dang. “You don’t want to go and rub your eye, so then you tend to neglect on your hygiene.”

The Dry Eye Clinic Director said this infection is contagious, especially among couples who share pillows and blankets. Symptoms can include swollen eyelids, itchy eyes, or feeling like you have something in your eyes.

Although eyelash extensions cost as high as $200, getting treated for lash mites pinch your wallet a little more. “It takes several months, usually, 6-8 weeks, we usually see these patients 2-3 times a month,” Dr. Dang adds.

If you don’t have health insurance, the price ranges from $50-$100 per visit.This isn’t to say you should steer clear of luscious lashes altogetherNatalie Ramos, a licensed esthetician, said she and many of her clients feel like they save a lot of time on getting dolled up for their day.

“They are easy, they can get up and go. People who don’t wear makeup, they just want to get up and go. That’s all what they need, their lashes and some lip gloss,” Ramos said.Ramos says it is OK to wear lash extensions but you need to keep them spotless.

“Keep them clean, get a daily routine going, that’s just about it. It’s just washing them. You brush your teeth, you want to make sure you’re washing them everyday, you know? It’s the same thing.”Dr. Dang recommends those who wear eyelash extensions, visit an eye clinic once every six months. He also recommends tea tree oil as a cleanser for those infected with lash mites.

Wear eyelash extensions? Do this one thing to avoid lash lice

Eye doctors are warning women who get eyelash extensions about the potential danger of lice.Pre-made Fans Volume Eyelash Extensions

Optometrists say they’ve seen more cases of ‘lash lice’ to go along with the new trend. That’s because a lot of women who get the extensions are reluctant to wash the lashes. They worry the added lashes might fall out.

Not washing them can cause an infection, lice can be a problem as well. Dr. Brenna Kitzmann, Optometrist at Virdi Eye Clinic says the medical term is called demodex, and it’s a type of mite.

“It’s normal to see the demodex in the lashes, but if you don’t wash them regularly then they can really take over, but we do treat them regularly.”Kimberly Dekoster, Lash artist at Fusion Salon & Spa says it’s important that your lash tech is sending clients home with proper post care in cleaning your lashes.

“You want to make sure you’re cleaning them daily getting them subs up, and rinsing them off, but that’s a key factor is to make sure you’re cleaning them daily, and getting the daily grime out of that”, she says.

Dr. Kitzmann says, “Some women feel if they wash their lids those lashes may fall off, but cleaning them also helps to retain your lashes, and helps keep them longer and looking better.”Symptoms of lash lice include inflammation, red and irritated eyes. If you experience lash lice experts say the best way to treat it is with tea tree oil.

Eyelash extensions could be spreading lash lice

Wearers of eyelash extensions should make a note to clean them more often to avoid getting lash lice, some doctors are warning. ABC 13 News in Houston says optometrists are concerned about eyelash extensions spreading lash lice when they are not not cleaned often enough.Volume Eyelash Extensions

Lash lice, also known by its medical term Dermodex, are little organisms that live in the hair follicle of the lashes, just like head lice.Symptoms of lice can include itchiness, redness and inflammation around the eye. Another symptom would be if you saw the lice itself.

ABC 13 News says some people have even had an increase in bacteria from abstaining from washing the extensions at all, leading to even more bacteria and infections.Medical professionals say that people often avoid washing the extensions for fear of causing the eyelashes to fall out. But not washing can lead to a buildup of bacteria.

They emphasis that cleaning your eyelids is important, and recommend cleaning with a tea tree based cleanser. Tea tree oil is an essential treatment for hair, skin and nails that can also be antibacterial. Another way to be safe, the doctors say, is to take a break from wearing the extensions every once in a while.

If you have eyelash extensions, you may want to take extra precautions when it comes to cleaning them.

Optometrists say they're seeing an increase in cases of lash lice, known as Demodex, because people are not cleaning them properly, leading to an increase in bacteria and infections.Hillary Weimer, a cosmetologist at 'A New U Salon & Boutique' says when you first get your lashes done, you should avoid contact with water for the first 24 hours.

"After that, you can wash them. Don't use any oil-based products. Just be careful, don't pull at them. If they're put on correctly, you should have no problem with them staying and taking care of them," she says.If you got your lashes done and start feeling itchiness, redness, and inflammation, you might want to see a doctor.

What to know if you're moving to Shanghai

Welcome to Shanghai! You will encounter an extraordinary city with a unique mixture of Western lifestyle and Eastern flair. Our InterNations GO! Guide on moving to Shanghai gives you a general city overview and more specific information on expat life, e.g. expat neighborhoods and visa regulations.Moving to Shanghai
Need to move abroad? Organizing an international relocation is not something you should do on your own. As expats ourselves, we understand what you need, and offer the essential services to help you move and live abroad easily. Contact us to jump start your move abroad!

Relocating to Shanghai
Both Chinese residents and expats have described this metropolis in extravagant terms: “Pearl of the Orient”, “Gateway to the World”, “Dragon’s Head”, or “Paris of the East” – nicknames that will make your plan of moving to Shanghai appear even more exciting. However fascinating the city might seem, one shouldn’t romanticize it, but rather appreciate the interesting, albeit turbulent history that has made Shanghai what it is today.

The Pearl of the Orient
Located in the delta of the mighty Yangtze River, approximately equidistant to Beijing and Hong Kong, Shanghai has been growing from a small market town in imperial China to a 21st century megalopolis. Its municipal region is a little province of its own, subject only to the central government in Beijing.

After moving to Shanghai, you will quickly notice the population density. The area attracts thousands of people every year, both migrant laborers from rural China and expatriates who come to Shanghai for business reasons.

Business has influenced the city’s evolution for most of its history. Moving to Shanghai with its natural harbor used to be important for the merchant guilds of feudal China. It was the rapid turnover of goods in the port that awakened the interest of colonial powers later on. After the British enforced trade between China and Western nations with the Treaty of Nanking (1842), countless international merchants arrived in Shanghai due to its trade concessions.

Since then, the city’s history has been tied up with Western imperialism and commercial interests, Chinese-Japanese tensions, and the rivalry between Chinese nationalism and Communism. It was in 1920s Shanghai that Chinese socialists founded the Communist Party of China. With Maoist troops moving to Shanghai at the end of the Chinese civil war (1949), the city became a bulwark of the party line and the Cultural Revolution.

Nowadays, the city is once again moving with the times, spearheading modern China’s rapid business development. The country’s economic liberalization has prompted numerous FIE (foreign-invested enterprises) to move to Shanghai.

Current Economic Climate
In 2013, a Free Economic Zone was officially opened in a 29 square kilometer area, in the east of Shanghai, in hopes of attracting foreign direct investment. As of October 2014, a Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect is in progress, which will enable foreign investors to access China’s mostly closed off stock market. However, there have been issues with implementation, such as political protests in Hong Kong.

Despite its unchallenged supremacy as one of China’s most important industrial centers, Shanghai has recently put a strong emphasis on the high-tech industry and the service sector. Home to companies from the fields of IT and microelectronics, the city is also the seat of China’s main stock exchange and, unsurprisingly, one of the two biggest expat hubs in the country (Beijing being the other).

Large Chinese firms, over half of the CEOs are hired from abroad compared to the 27% recruited in North America and Europe. However, unless you are a professional, with advanced knowledge of industrial processes or technology, it seems as though the job market is no longer seeking English-speakers with general knowledge. For expats wanting to live in China, it is advised that you improve your knowledge of the culture and your Chinese language skills.

Upon moving to Shanghai, you’re bound to meet countless other expatriates: overseas Chinese (including plenty of Taiwanese), Koreans, Japanese, Americans, Germans, British, French, etc. After moving to Shanghai, you will see that “Shanghailand” is alive and well.