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How can reduce the maintenance cost of raymond mill?

Raymond mill adopts electric control and realizes electric automatization management, for this reason, the quality of the electric parts such as disconnector of the electric motor will influences the normal operation and maintenance of the whole set of equipment. For this reason, when choosing electric parts for ore milling equipment, the customers should consider the quality of the products as well as the company strength and product stability.

As is known to all, at present such equipment as Raymond mill does not have single standard, nor does electric part such as disconnector. As for the products produced by different manufacturing companies, the models and specifications of the products will be different. Seen from the current development situation in domestic market, the products manufactured by big, medium and small-sized companies are all upgrading and updating. For this reason, choosing a Raymond grinding mill supplier should consider not only the strength of the company, but whether this company has the ability to ensure long time stability of the product quality and perfect after-sales services. In addition, the products of the manufacturing company should be leading in technology and mature in development, and should have certain market shares in at least ten years.

Raymond mill is a large-sized machine with relatively long changing cycle. As its cost is high, it is normal for the customers to use a machine for a number of years and even decades. In the long time of running process, some damageable parts of Raymond mill need regular maintenance and change, and some small parts like disconnector of the motor may also be damaged. If these parts need maintenance or change, but because the products of the suppliers are unstable in quality which leads to short supply of goods, then the after-sales service of the Raymond mill manufacturing company will be in trouble, it will also cause loss to the Raymond mill customers due to man-hour delay.

The debugging technique of sand making production line

SBM specializes in manufacturing sand making equipment, and it launches the high-efficiency sand making production line and stone production line, which integrate the advanced technology and can configure different lines according to the requirements of different users, thus improving the sand making efficiency, reducing the environment pollution and effectively meeting the needs and requirements of the market for sand.

The normal operation of sand making production line requires not only correct installation and operation, but regular examination and maintenance of the equipment.

  • 1. Before the trial operation of sand making production line, firstly, check the oil supply condition of dry oil pumps and pipeline; secondly, check whether the setting position of the wedge adjusting blocks is in line with the design requirement; furthermore, observe whether the jiggers touch or hit each other. After everything is all right, you can start the machine.
  • 2. Carefully confirm the rotation direction, the motor should run for 2 hours without load and check the bearing temperature.
  • 3. Make the flywheel avoid the dead point and overcome the inertia when it is started.
  • 4. Fasten the V-belt and adjust its tension degree and the degree of parallelism between the two wheels.
  • 5. Before starting the sand production line equipment, the dry pump must be started first, and all lubricating points should be refueled.

Causes and solutions of wear failure of ultrafine grinding bearings

Bearings are more important parts in a machine. Different bearings have different roles, but under normal circumstances, bearings mainly bear the following functions: transferring energy and bearing weight.

The internal bearing of the ultrafine mill developed by the company also undertakes the above two functions, and the customer needs to understand that the parts of the machine are operated by mutual installation and cooperation, so it is impossible between the parts Operate alone, and a certain force will be generated when the accessories interact, and for the bearing, when it transfers energy, this force is friction. When this friction is relatively large, the bearing will inevitably Failure due to wear.

In general, in order to reduce the probability of bearing wear and failure, we will lubricate the bearing to reduce the friction between the bearing and other accessories, so as to protect the bearing. The ultrafine mills developed by the company all use advanced technology, namely automatic thin oil lubrication technology, to provide lubricating oil to the bearings through the lubrication station connected to the machine, thereby realizing the lubrication of the bearings, reducing the failure of bearing wear and reducing the Customer manual operation.

In addition to the function of transmitting energy, the bearing also has a load-bearing function, such as the main shaft in the ultrafine powder grinding grinding chamber, which bears the role of transmitting energy and load-bearing at the same time, and when bearing, the frictional force that the bearing receives at the same time will also increase It will also cause bearing failure. In addition, the material of the bearing determines that it has a certain load-bearing range. If the load-bearing path of the bearing in the ore grinding powder exceeds this range, there will be another failure of the bearing, that is, fracture. In this situation, we often recommend that customers avoid high-hardness minerals entering the ultrafine grinding chamber, and customers also need to ensure that the feed particle size of the machine is within the specified range, in order to try to avoid serious bearing failures, and ultimately extend The service life of the machine.

The prosperous future of mobile crushing station

Mobile crusher, as one of the crushing equipment and professional handling equipment on building rubbish, has the wider application area with the quicker steps on national basic construction, which has become one necessary equipment in the process of modernization. At this right minute, construction waste crusher has been making a big difference on some fields such as mining, metallurgy, building material, the chemical and so on.

Those equipment with high pollution, high power consumption had been refused by most of customers with those principle boosted by our nation such as lower carbon, energy saving and sustainable development, and mobile crusher has the following advantages above on, which can help it become the main stream equipment in the same field. The most significant merit is the flexibility, and then we can easily change the materials on the ground, which can overcome the common barriers caused by the basic structure.

As one of the most professional manufacturer producing mobile crusher, Hongxing mobile crusher has been widely used in the water conservancy, highway, roads construction and so on, which has got the great praise from the customers. Hongxing mining machinery believes that mobile crusher can get the fastest development in the future with wider and wider application area, which will become the main development tendency of crushing machinery, and which has the bright and prosperous future.

Road-paving can’t get rid of sandstone production equipment

The construction scale of our state on highway, railway has been continuously expanding and increasing since the establishment of our country, and the great project only takes several years to finish the impossible mission, which is all owing to the contribution of our national mining machinery.

The highway construction cannot get rid of the enormous supplying of those excellent sandstone aggregate, and the natural sand making machine cannot satisfy the need at an early age. That is the reason why sand production equipment can be so important in the process, and artificial sand has the good quality on the basis of little influence by the natural environment, which can make a big difference in the process of satisfying the market’s demand.

High efficiency and energy saving sand production line is the source of those excellent sand aggregate, and the great impact of fine crusher in the production process cannot be irreplaceable. The sandstone aggregate producing has become one golden industry because of the great impact coming from our state that heavily investing on the road construction.

As one of the most famous manufacturer producing crushers and sandstone production equipment, SBM can provide the comprehensive investment plan, jobsites designing, equipment installing, employee training for our customers. Welcome to our company to visit.

Hubei silicon carbide ultrafine grinding roller damage how to do

Hubei silicon carbide ultrafine mill is a kind of grinding equipment for grinding silicon carbide into silicon carbide powder. It is mainly used to meet the materials of major industries after silicon carbide processing. Under normal circumstances, silicon carbide can be ground into an arbitrary adjustment within the range of 2500 mesh. However, long-term use of the grinding roller and grinding ring of the equipment will cause wear and tear, which affects production. How should this problem be solved? Let's take a look at the wear of the silicon carbide grinding roller grinding ring of Hubei silicon carbide superfine grinding powder.

1. Reasons for damage of grinding roller grinding ring

When the Hubei silicon carbide ultrafine grinding process occurs, the wear can be divided into mechanical damage, fatigue damage, thermal damage and chemical damage. For example, mechanical damage is caused by the sharp points on the surface of the material being processed, which causes the local stress concentration of the grinding roller, causing strong tearing and cutting. The sharper the material to be grinded, the greater the hardness, the greater the wear rate, and the faster the wear rate; and fatigue damage, due to the wear applied by the ultrafine grinding roller and the surface of the grinding ring for a long time, is a low-intensity wear. Therefore, these reasons have caused damage to the ground silicon carbide in Hubei silicon carbide ultrafine grinding.

2. The following provides the Hubei silicon carbide raymond mill grinding roller wear method

First of all, every time the wear is reduced, the wear roller device of the Hubei silicon carbide ultrafine grinding equipment is used for more than 500 hours to replace the grinding roller, the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time , The refueling tool can be manually lubricated; the second step, fineness adjustment, according to the size of silicon carbide material, soft and hard, water content, specific gravity, the processing thickness is also different, you can adjust the upper analyzer, high speed, The fineness is high, the rotation speed is low, and the fineness is low, the user can flexibly grasp, not only the fineness of the stone slip powder can be reached, but the grinding roller grinding ring will not be damaged.

Application of ultrafine mill in the field of talc

Magnesium silicate is the chemical name of talc powder. Talc mines are very rich in reserves around the world, usually a mixture of various crystal forms. Generally, the deep processing of talc ore powder must be ultrafine milled, which is ground into fine powders of various sizes, and then applied to various fields.

The influence of industrially produced talc powder on the performance of the coating is controlled by its structure type, powder fineness and particle size distribution. Therefore, we will classify the talc powder products: fibrous talc powder, flake talc powder, granular talc powder.

Merchants process talc powder through ultrafine grinding mill, and the particle size ranges from coarse, medium and fine. There are varieties on the market that have undergone surface treatment and have low oil absorption, which is suitable for photomagnetic poles. Talc is easy to wet and disperse in all liquid coatings, such as organic solvents, varnishes, alkyds and water-based systems. Talc powder has excellent suspendability in coatings, and can also help other pigments in the system to remain suspended.

Talc powder with coarser particle size is suitable for some coatings that require rough coating or "toothed", such as interior wall paint, primer and crepe paint. Varieties of medium particle size are suitable for house paints and can also be used as general fillers. Superfine talc powder is suitable for controlling the gloss, consistency and sagging properties of semi-gloss coatings. The amount of talc is large in cement, crack filler and putty. Special products decide to choose coarse or fine talc powder according to different requirements.

It can be seen from the application of talc powder that both coarse and fine powders are widely used. SBM Raymond ultrafine mill can process coarser talc powder, fine powder ultrafine mill can process finer powder, ultrafine mill can process talc ore to more than 1500 mesh powder, SBM ultrafine mill series products It is getting more and more applications in the field of talc processing.

Application case study of pebbles sand-making machine

Pebbles sand making machine is the hit product of Shanghai SBM’s new competitive products, which is also known as Efficient Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher.This sand making machine has become the best choice of equipments in sand production line.It has a very broad application prospects in many areas.Shanghai SBM machinery has provided excellent solutions for gravel aggregate production line.Among this solutions,pebbles sand making machine’s efficient effect of hard-rock crushing and sand-making has gained much appreciation of clients.In the mixing process of concrete, pebble crusher deals mainly with materials’reshaping.One can choose sand making equipment of different types according to process needs.Pebble sand making machine has greatly improved the quality and efficiency of material reshaping.According to user's response,the application of pebbles Sand making machine has raised the efficiency by 25%.

Which not only saves the cost of production,but also greatly improves the quality of products in mixing station.In pebbles sand production line,pebble sand making machine can realize crushing and sand making in one time,greatly reducing the amount of sand back.It can also be used in conjunction with multiple sand shaker or form a closed loop with vibrating screen.This not only improve the operational efficiency,but ensure the quality of the finished product. Practice proved that under the same power condition,the use of pebble sand in the process of sand making,will not only ensure long-term stability of the yield increase,but also the security and stability of operationWith the unique hydraulic protection device which greatly simplifies the repair process.

Correct purchase process of grinding mill

Because there are many manufacturers of mb5x pendulum roller mills on the market, the fierce competition has caused uneven quality of the equipment, so it has caused great troubles for customers to buy. In order to help customers buy equipment better, the world Banglai analyzes the normal purchase process of the aircraft for everyone.

The first is the actual demand, that is, what kind of grinding mill equipment is required for the production project, which is mainly based on the demand for production capacity and the nature of the materials, as well as the local climate and other aspects. The equipment of suitable production process can be selected better, and the benefit of production will be greater;

Secondly, the market situation, that is, the sales situation of grinding mills in the market, which one of the equipments sells better, has obtained the needs of our customers, and then understand the market conditions, how long can a device be used in production According to the situation, the performance and price, etc., you can choose a more regular manufacturer according to these circumstances, and then choose the mill;

Once again, it is a field inspection, which means that after determining the manufacturer and equipment to be selected, you can go to the production site to inspect, look at the production material of the equipment, etc., and then run the machine better, so that you can better judge Its performance and quality;

After that, it is necessary to negotiate with the manufacturer about the after-sales problem. After the sale of the grinding mill, the machine will encounter problems in installation, commissioning, and maintenance. If you can get the after-sales of the manufacturer, these processes will proceed smoothly, otherwise Have a longer cycle, and even affect the final benefits;

The article mainly introduces the purchase process of grinding mill equipment. SBM conducted a very detailed analysis of this process, mainly to understand its own needs, then market conditions, then field visits, and then after-sales, these The aspect can not only help the selection of a suitable mill, but also help it to be used better.

Factors influencing the working efficiency of construction waste crusher

The construction waste crusher is a crushing station for the utilization of construction waste resources. It integrates construction waste receiving, crushing, transmission, processing, reprocessing and other technological equipment as a whole. Through different equipment combinations, it becomes a powerful set of mobile production processing Line, complete multi-demand construction waste processing and processing operations. However, the working efficiency of the mobile construction waste crushing station is sometimes different. The following describes the factors affecting the efficiency of the construction waste crusher.

1. Consistency of pressure and screening rate

Construction waste crusher will continuously transport, crush and sieve garbage during the production process, and garbage will be subjected to different degrees of pressure during this process. Of course, the greater the pressure, the greater the effect of crushing. The better. Some users have inconsistent pressures and sieving rates during operation. This is mainly because when the equipment is processing garbage, the garbage is in a compressed form and the shaping is restricted, so that the work efficiency will be greatly affected.

2. The level of speed

The speed of rotation has a certain effect on the pass rate of finished products and energy consumption. In the case of constant pressure, if you change the diameter of the motor pulley of the crusher and then adjust its speed, you will eventually find that the faster the speed, the less complete the crushing is. The amount of particles gradually increased. Therefore, during the production process, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed not to be too high, so as not to cause the product quality to decline.

3. The size of the load

The size of the load also means the amount of feed, and the working efficiency of the equipment has a great relationship with the load. When the crushing station is running, if the load exceeds the required load, then there will be different degrees of equipment jamming. Productivity. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal progress of production, the amount of feed must be strictly controlled during the operation of the equipment.