mbtusa: Fake Gucci Belt it is difficult to convince

Fake Gucci Belt it is difficult to convince

Mar 6 2014 at 21:12

Admittedly, many of today's Fake Belt has the world's second in the world , a small group of people to get rich first , whether the annual income or accumulated income has already far exceeded the level of income of any developed country wealthy , the emergence of a group of rich can be the enemy of the real estate business , capital of Hubei big , powerful brokers ...... and more people , whether it is a personal income or real living standards has not kept pace with the times , there is no fair share of the fruits of economic development, rapid economic growth in particular, although Belts Replica performance can whitewash officials , Fake Gucci Belt it is difficult to convince those who are deprived of basic rights or the ruthless abandon high-speed rail is the economy vulnerable groups .

This year, Fake Belt 's fiscal revenue at a rate of 1 trillion monthly growth in the year to break 12 trillion without any suspense. If you count the monopoly of land revenue income and a variety of hidden income and the cost of corruption , annual income of no less than 20 trillion , Replica Hermes Belts which means that 40% of Fake Belt 's total Belts Replica by the government to take a variety of names , and greed rot and annexation bite at least 10% Belts Replica , the real fell to 1.3 billion ordinary people , but also the hea Replica Louis Vuitton Belts d of the 40% Belts Replica , resulting in long-term income share of Belts Replica is too low status . When a substantial increase government revenue and various corruption rampant , the income of urban and rural residents will reduce or slow growth. Some statistics show that over the past 10 ye Hermes Belts Replica ars , Fake Belt's labor compensation share of Belts Replica had declined by 13 percent , wage share of Belts Replica fell by 5 %. Among them, the income of residents in absolute terms even appeared stagnation .

Assuming these two indicators have remained at the level of 10 years ago to 47 trillion of Belts Replica in 2011 estimated that 13% equivalent to about 6 trillion equivalent to 5% of the 2.4 trillion yuan . Urban and rural residents means more than just 2011 can get 6 trillion yuan , or 2.4 trillion yuan wage income , urban and rural residents a year if the increase in the real income of so much of the expansion of consumption will have a positive impact , and perhaps would not there are deficiencies in domestic worries .

We have to pay attention to this fact: 2011 macroeconomic data released by the National Bureau of Statistics , the country per capita disposable income of urban residents was 21,810 yuan , about $ 3,300 , per capita net income of rural residents 6977 yuan , about $ 1,100 . If per capita Belts Replica terms, in 2011 Fake Belt's per capita Belts Replica has reached $ 5,432 of income , ranking 87th in the world, per capita Belts Replica in the U.S. and Japan were $ 48,147 and $ 45,774 , points out the first 15 in the world and 18 , more significant is that the United States and Japan, real income per capita was U.S. $ 43,017 million and $ 32,295 million and points out the first 10 and 23 in the world , Fake Belt ranked the first place in Thailand 94 . In other words, Fake Belt's total Belts Replica second in the world , while per capita income is only ranked 94th in the world . Maybe , we should value the latter, valued Belts Replica figures behind the huge personal income meager . In postwar Japan, also have had the so-called golden years , 10 years, Japan's national income grew by 340% , the actual level of consumption increased by 2.1 times .


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