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Replica Hermes Belts in order to solve

Mar 6 2014 at 20:22

We often see children bounce an ordinary family , Replica Hermes Belts in order to solve an account , often to be fined hundreds of thousands or even go bankrupt ! Why do these people would easily have multiple identities ? In their hands the power and money played a big role ? Household management so chaotic that country and how to develop the people's livelihood based on population policy ? When the Replica Belts government as to whether the legislation and the establishment of official property declaration system of open indecisive , Replica Belts and Macao Special Administrative Region adopted at the beginning of the year the first declaration of property and interests of the legal system bill. According to the Sunshine Act , key government officials in the future to be open property.

Although the Act transparency is still not enough , but for Macau , it finally took an important step in building a clean government , the government of the sun . Back in 2003 , the Macao SAR Government had already implemented the Civil Property Declaration Law , requiring all civil servants must declare their assets data of individuals and families in accordance with law . According to the January 3, 2013 by the declaration of property and interests of the legal system , the bill , in addition to the Chief Executive , principal officials, members of the Executive Council of Macau , legislators and judicial officials in the future need to open the property data so that the public online inspection. In addition to reporting the contents of local and overseas real estate , land, shares and other capital data is also required to declare any duties as a non-profit organization . Bill in the Legislative Council of Macao Association of the vote went very smoothly , all the provisions were 26 members present unanimously approved .

Law signed by the Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On , the full 90 days after the Replica Gucci Belts announcement of the entry into force . Compared with Hong Kong and Macao Sunshine Act started late, but finally had a good start , the government is faced with the demands of the people taking the important step in combating anti-corruption . In 2006 , when he was Secretary for Transport and Public Works Ao Man Long, Macau , involving corrupt arrested , Fake Gucci Belt becoming the most senior officials for corruption after the return of Macao to Replica Belts dismissed . Subsequently , the Macau government has gradually introduced to prevent the corruption of officials in response . In contrast, domestic , public official property declaration public law is not out of the long-awaited .

 As early as November 17, 1987 , when Serving Standing Committee Secretary Wang Hanbin , director of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC Standing Committee at its sixth meeting on the twenty-third said: Some of the state civil servants should declare property income , Replica Belts's national staff to establish whether the property declaration system problems to be studied in other relevant laws Fake Gucci Belts to resolve . Fast forward 20 years later, the National people's Congress is currently still in research ? During this long period , large and small, for the crop of another crop of officials , in the silence of the whole nation , and the wealth of large and small officials have been explosive in the early growth or metastasis ! In 1994, public officials to declare property law has been included in the Eighth National People's Congress legislative plan of the second kind , are drafted , the project arrangements considered mature by the Ministry of Supervision is responsible for the drafting of specific research .


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