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gucci belts replica you want it

Jan 12 2014 at 20:50

The first months of work in the company after going to Beijing on business, the boss asked me if I go, I thought, this is an opportunity to exercise their own , they agreed, accompanied by a male colleague . After a good talk about our business and customers went out to dinner that day I drank some wine, but not drunk , eating a meal we went to sing. Socialize over, male colleagues and bosses were drunk , I had no way out of the Cabaret boss leaning back to the hotel . But suddenly entered the room he hugged me , I can not resist, so he took possession of me. At that time he was 41 years old , and I'm only 23 years old .... The next few days , he found several good opportunities to apologize to me , and said he really liked me, and he said he would make good on me. I like a possessed , mysteriously became his lover , so in the company , I was with him at the hotel several relationships occurred. Just a month away from graduation , I found myself pregnant. I told him things , he was very cunning ask me, gucci belts replica you want it? Of course , the child can not be , he knew the result, but he did not say . That was my life will never forget one morning , fake gucci belt I am a man crawling on the bed crying very fresh , when the baby slipped from my body the moment I also like the dead. Looking at the bright red blood of the placenta , and I burst into tears . I know my inexcusable mistake , I can not do that anymore . To graduate with an injury I left the city , left him. After graduation, I was a long time in the treatment of trauma own feelings, has to get out until it met my current boyfriend , his sunny , lively infected me , he told me very well, I am very happy and very satisfied, I will take a good love my husband , he will become . But those thinking about their past , I have been brooding , and very scared , I do not know how to face my future husband ? Bo who thought : Actually , life experiences are not so flat , either on business or emotionally, not everyone is so smug and perfect. As a matter of fact can not be perfect, then it should not demand perfection, who does not have the wonderful moment ? Since the cause of the failure we can forgive failure emotional fact should be as compassionate and forgiving , if not themselves deliberately indulge yourself. Therefore , it is necessary from the pursuit of our feelings in a unique and perfect themselves to liberate themselves . Moreover , a woman has in the past , doe gucci belts cheap s not mean she can not see the light of day . Women want a happy life in the future , you must remove this knot . So think about it , there is no need to have a heart for his past . Burdened with the spirit of the cross, life certainly not happy , gucci belts fake it does not give a man happy now . There is, marriage is to pay attention to loyalty, but this loyalty is established after the conclusion of the marriage relationship , to maintain loyalty to each other , but for each person in the past , but it is not necessary to tell each other , who are past ;


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