jdate: Top Five Reasons Why Your Dating Profile Gets No Love

Top Five Reasons Why Your Dating Profile Gets No Love

Dec 16 2020 at 05:28

5. You have no picture or your photos do not show you in your best light.

  • Let’s face it – women are visual creatures, too. We’re also cautious. We want to see your eyes and make our irrational judgments about you based on a 200 x 300 pixel space.

  • It is amazing how many 20 and 30-somethings put up pictures of themselves drinking. It’s equally amazing how many men post pictures of themselves surrounded by women. (This does not make you “more credible” as a good date, in fact, it does the opposite.) Also bad? Tons of group shots when we have no idea which one is you.

How to fix it: Unless you have a very high profile job, please post a few pictures. Have a friend shoot pictures of you doing things you love, whether that’s reading a book, playing your trumpet, kickboxing, golfing… whatever you do. Then find a third friend – one that makes you laugh. Have a conversation with that friend while your photographer friend snaps pics of you being genuinely amused. A natural smile is a sure way to win over that special someone!

4. Your screenname is either boring or inappropriate.

  • FloridaGuy79. Wow. Original. It makes you the same as every other 28-29 year old guy living in Florida.

  • Sexy4ULove. Any name with “sexy” in it sends the message that you have one thing on your mind. You might as well change your name to LoveEmNLeaveEm.

How to fix it: Pick a screenname that reflects one of your passions. I’d be more interested in XboxHero79 than FloridaGuy79.

3. You don’t provide enough information in the “stats” of your profile.

  • Many people rely on the “match” functionality of dating websites like Match.com or Loveawake.com to show them the people they should date. Very few go into the advanced search functions (which I’ll talk about soon!).

How to fix it: Make your profile as search-friendly as possible by filling out as many of the stats as you can.

2. Your profile has so many spelling & grammatical errors that it’s nearly impossible to read.

  • There are some very intelligent and worthwhile people out there who are shooting themselves in the foot because they have poor spelling and/or grammar skills. People will think poorly of people who write poorly. Make your first impression a good one!

How to fix it: At the very least, run your profile through Word’s spell-check and grammar check.

1. You have red flags waving!

  • Do you whine about your previous relationships? Discuss your troubled family life? Complain about your job? Mention “game-playing” in a sense other than video/computer/board? Reveal things best left for at least the 3rd date?

How to fix it: Have someone who you can trust read your profile. Ask them to read between the lines and be brutally honest with you. If you can’t trust your friends, there’s always your friendly neighborhood Geek Girl!


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