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Identify the quality of towels

May 15 2020 at 07:44
For the hotel, a good towel is not only comfortable and intimate to use, but also allows customers who go out to relax in the shower. So how do hotels choose customized microfiber printed mandala round beach towel and bath towels? How to control the quality?
The following towel factory teaches you four ways to identify the quality of towels.
1. Towels are used to wipe the body. The water absorption of the durability microfiber printing beach towel supplier must be good. In this way, you must choose pure cotton when buying towels, because pure cotton towels have good absorbency and no damage to the skin.
2. Hotel towels need fine wrapping, because towels are daily necessities that directly contact the human body, and towels can only be made through bleaching, dyeing, and softening chemical processing procedures during the production process. When buying durability microfiber printing beach towel price list, a strong and durable towel with a soft touch and generally strong water absorption is the best choice. And we need to pay attention to the details of towel making. A good towel always has superior characteristics. Then we only need to pay attention to whether the edge of the towel is clean, neat and beautiful. The combination of its sign and towel is hidden. Whether the details are fine and so on, do not underestimate these small details, the fine workmanship towel will be more durable.
3. Towels are not heavier and better, they are thicker and lighter. Unlike what people think, purchase waffle microfiber beach towel are not thicker and more durable. The thicker towels are not only heavy after wet water, but also have a major disadvantage. It is easy to dry in the hotel, and the fabric is thick, but the towels with lighter weight are good towels worth purchasing.
4. The daily maintenance of towels is also very important, because the hotel is a public place. As a hotel towel, it must be washed and disinfected frequently. This adds an additional consideration to the purchase of towels. For the convenience of washing waffle microfiber beach towel manufacturer, it is best to use pure cotton in the purchase, because this kind of towel has large internal gaps to avoid the growth of bacteria and can be quickly dried. .


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