remember006: Causes and solutions of wear failure of ultrafine grinding bearings

Causes and solutions of wear failure of ultrafine grinding bearings

May 3 2020 at 21:42

Bearings are more important parts in a machine. Different bearings have different roles, but under normal circumstances, bearings mainly bear the following functions: transferring energy and bearing weight.

The internal bearing of the ultrafine mill developed by the company also undertakes the above two functions, and the customer needs to understand that the parts of the machine are operated by mutual installation and cooperation, so it is impossible between the parts Operate alone, and a certain force will be generated when the accessories interact, and for the bearing, when it transfers energy, this force is friction. When this friction is relatively large, the bearing will inevitably Failure due to wear.

In general, in order to reduce the probability of bearing wear and failure, we will lubricate the bearing to reduce the friction between the bearing and other accessories, so as to protect the bearing. The ultrafine mills developed by the company all use advanced technology, namely automatic thin oil lubrication technology, to provide lubricating oil to the bearings through the lubrication station connected to the machine, thereby realizing the lubrication of the bearings, reducing the failure of bearing wear and reducing the Customer manual operation.

In addition to the function of transmitting energy, the bearing also has a load-bearing function, such as the main shaft in the ultrafine powder grinding grinding chamber, which bears the role of transmitting energy and load-bearing at the same time, and when bearing, the frictional force that the bearing receives at the same time will also increase It will also cause bearing failure. In addition, the material of the bearing determines that it has a certain load-bearing range. If the load-bearing path of the bearing in the ore grinding powder exceeds this range, there will be another failure of the bearing, that is, fracture. In this situation, we often recommend that customers avoid high-hardness minerals entering the ultrafine grinding chamber, and customers also need to ensure that the feed particle size of the machine is within the specified range, in order to try to avoid serious bearing failures, and ultimately extend The service life of the machine.


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