freemexy: U.S.-Iran Tensions Temporarily Restrain Israel on Northern Front

U.S.-Iran Tensions Temporarily Restrain Israel on Northern Front

Jan 17 2020 at 02:11

It took the American media more than a week, but on Sunday morning the expected, almost traditional report came across describing Israel’s role in the killing of Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani. According to NBC, Israeli intelligence provided supplemental information about the schedule of the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force commander, whose plane took off from Damascus and landed at Baghdad International Airport slightly after midnight on January 3.To get more us and iran tension latest news, you can visit shine news official website.
A detailed report in the New York Times gave a precise description of the sequence of events during the week of the killing and said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the only foreign leader informed by Washington of the intent to kill Soleimani. The report is consistent with assessments by Israeli media immediately after the killing. In retrospect, remarks Netanyahu made the day before the killing, as he left for a visit to Greece, about Israel’s vigilant monitoring of events while “in close contact with our great friend, the United States,” might indicate that he knew something.
On Sunday, at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu once again addressed the situation in Iran, condemning the Tehran regime for mistakenly shooting down a Ukrainian commercial airliner, praising the courage of those demonstrating against the regime and congratulating U.S. President Donald Trump on his decision to impose additional sanctions on Iran. But the vow of silence the premier has imposed on his ministers is still in effect, and they’re keeping mum about events in the Gulf region.

It looks as if Israeli caution includes, at this stage, restraint with regard to offensive action on the northern front. The report from last week that attributed to Israel an attack on a truck carrying weapons near the Bukamal crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border doesn’t seem reliable. If it is true that Israeli offensive actions have been halted, one must assume that this is temporary, until what’s going on between the United States and Iran is clarified.
Meanwhile, it seems that the upheaval the killing has caused is having unintended consequences. The Iranians sought to depict the missile fire at American bases in Iraq last week as the end of their public revenge. But anxiety among those operating their air defenses led to the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane by a surface-to-air missile and to the deaths of 176 passengers and crew who were not in any way connected to the conflict with the United States. The regime was seriously em


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