freemexy: Amazon Showroom lets you customize furniture in a virtual living room

Amazon Showroom lets you customize furniture in a virtual living room

Aug 13 2019 at 14:05

Amazon sells thousands of home furnishings, including couches, carpets, chairs and tables. Finding out which ones are suitable for your living room can be a daunting task.

But this week Amazon quietly rolled out Amazon Showroom, a tool that lets you place furniture in a virtual living room, making online furniture shopping more visual.With Amazon Showroom, you can swap out different pieces of furniture to see how they look in a room or as a set. There's not too much freedom in customizing the showroom itself -- you can change the color of the walls and floor, but you can't pick different rooms or arrange where the furniture goes.quality modern office furniture

Still, it lets you visualize thousands of pieces of furniture and represents each one to scale.Previously, Amazon has used augmented reality to help shoppers virtually place objects in their homes. Other retailers (like Ikea and Wayfair) have also used AR apps to add an extra dimension to online furniture shopping.

Amazon Showroom is a new way for customers to visualize their home furnishing purchases when shopping online. Amazon Showroom presents customers with a virtual living room, where they can customize the décor and furniture selection providing the ability to visually compare to scale representations of furniture items together in a room to determine how an item will fit with the style of a room and work with other complementary pieces. The result is a photorealistic rendering of a room that answers the question: 'How will this all look together?' It is currently being tested and in the Amazon App for home furnishings for the living room.


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  • Nov 30 2019 at 00:49
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