freemexy: Continuous PU/ PIR Sandwich Panel Machine

Continuous PU/ PIR Sandwich Panel Machine

Aug 13 2019 at 08:28

Continuous PU/ PIR Sandwich Panel Machine

Dedicated to the research and development of high-end and high-efficiency continuous pu/pir sandwich panel production line, Sinowa is comprehensively taking the leading position in terms of efficiency, automation control level, HMI, environment protection and energy consumption, with subversive designs made in some critical technological fields to procure exceptional cost performance and customer-friendly experience for the entire continuous sandwich panel line. The adoption of system integration technology and bus control technology accomplishes the full automatization of integrated and coordinated control of the entire continuous pu sandwich panel production line with accessible remote interactive communication. Ranking the first-class level in the world, it is currently the production line in the market taking a comprehensive lead in high performance.pu sandwich panel line

The production line has high adaptability, which may produce a various sandwich panel of the PU, PIR and rock wool systems. We may design various products according to the customer's requirements, including various configurations, so as to meet their demands with flexible price system.
The main engine with modularized design achieves the precision operation of the production line, stable and reliable quality, less part and maintenance loss. All core parts are pir sandwich panel production line one time by CNC machine tool, which is reliably assembled. Impacts of the man-made factors on the quality are prohibited, which shortens the manufacturing period for delivery and on-site installation.

Sinowa's high-end continuous insulation panel lines provides you with high-efficient industrial value. Our production efficiency is twice that of similar lines, boasting the most cost-effective among the similar products within and without the country. This pir sandwich panel machine can produce multi-species and multi-specification insulation sandwich panels, including PU sandwich panels and rock wool sandwich panels (PU edge-banded), mainly used as roof sandwich panels, wall sandwich panels, and cool room sandwich panels. Their thickness and width can be set at the adjustable range.


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