allenoneil: How to optimize your wedding photography and videography in Los Angeles

How to optimize your wedding photography and videography in Los Angeles

Jun 19 2019 at 14:03


Are you running low on your wedding budget?  There are several places where you can cut the cost of your wedding. Photography and videography are one of them because it costs 11-15% of the total wedding budget.

So how do you cut cost from your wedding photography and videography?

Here are some sectors-

1. Number of photographers

2. Duration of the shoot

3. Location of the photographer

4. Photography vs videography

5. Friends with benefits


A number of photographers:

At first, let me tell you why you will need more than one photographer at your wedding. In most cases, there is a list of shots in every wedding. One of these shot lists is getting ready shots of bride and groom at their own place. It sometimes introduces family members also who are happy with the beginning of the journey for a new life. This season is so important and emotional that almost no album is complete without it. It’s like the beautiful touchy rhythm of music before starting the song which is the ceremony. It kindly builds up the story.

Ok, then how do you complete this amazing thing with only one photographer? Well, there are two ways, one needs luck and one needs effort. If you are in a destination wedding and staying in the same hotel then one photographer can do it easily. But if you stay far from each other you need to fake one of your shots before the main event. I know it is weird but it’s the only option I can see.


Duration of the Shoot:

In general, every Los Angeles Wedding Photography & Videography package starts from a 6hours shoots. For example, see cinestoryfilms. Now what you can do here is, you can dedicatedly arrange a pre-wedding photo-shoot, in which you will have no disturbance from outside sources. You will constantly make yourself attentive towards the photo season. Also, you will need less time to complete your season. So discuss with your photographer if he is willing to do pre-wedding photography with fewer hours of shooting. This will reduce your cost.


Location of the photographer:

If you are not willing to give money to your photographer for transportation or a flight you need to be choosy on the distance of your ceremony and the photographer. Sometimes you will need to pay almost about 30% of the package if you will invite him outside from his working location. So be wise, choose a photographer from the nearest location possible.


Photography vs Videography:

Some people can opt out their wedding videography to save cost. Because pictures are way more memorable than videos. You can see pictures anytime you want but for watching the video. So if you want to reduce your cost, deducting videography from your package will be an option.


Friends with benefits:

That is the best option one can have. If you have good friends in the photography industry you will certainly have some discount and benefits. The best part is if the photographer becomes your friend you will feel way more comfortable than any other photographer in the industry.

So, here are some tricks to have it cheaper. For the advice of more optimization ideas, cinestoryfilms can be an option in Los Angeles.


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