freemexy: Do you know security tag how to remove

Do you know security tag how to remove

May 24 2019 at 12:43

Occasionally when you buy clothes and go back from the clothing store, you may encounter a situation where the cashier does not remove the Security tag or labels,so do you know the security tag how to remove?
  The security tag is generally composed of a shell, a ferrite and a tag pin.There are tag removers in the clothing store and demagnetizes the electromagnetic coil and then the tag pin is pulled out. However, if you take it home, it is very difficult to take it with your own strength, except for the poor quality.So we will introduce some effective method for security tag how to remove.
 See as followed,you may know the security tag how to remove:
1,Using tag remover to align the head of the tag and touch the tag remover to drop it. This is the safest ways and the most convenient ways.
2, very violently use a hammer to open it.
3. Use the torch to burn the seam of the security tag shell for a long time, then pick it with a knife, then pick the inner ring and the steel ball wrapped around the nail and drop it.


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