freemexy: Plug valve features and installation and maintenance instructions

Plug valve features and installation and maintenance instructions

May 24 2019 at 03:44

The center line butterfly valve is a closing or plunger-shaped rotary valve that opens or closes by opening or closing the passage opening on the valve plug to the passage opening on the valve body by rotating 90 degrees.
Its valve plug can be cylindrical or conical in shape. In a cylindrical valve plug, the passage is generally rectangular; in a tapered valve plug, the passage is trapezoidal. These shapes make the structure of the plug valve light. It is most suitable for use as a cutting and closing medium and a shunt, but it can also be used for throttling depending on the applicable properties and the erosion resistance of the sealing surface.
1. The plug valve is used for frequent operation, and the opening and closing is quick and light.
2. The plug valve has low fluid resistance.
3. The plug valve has a simple structure, small relative volume, light weight and easy maintenance.
4. Good sealing performance.
5. It is not restricted by the installation direction, and the flow direction of the medium can be arbitrary.
6, no vibration, low noise.
Installation and maintenance
When installing the plug valve, in order to prevent damage to the plug valve and to ensure the full performance of the plug valve, you should pay attention to the following four points:
1. Make sure the valve is open. Heat the pipe first. Transfer as much heat as possible from the pipe to the plug valve. Avoid prolonging the heating time of the plug valve itself.
2. Use gauze or wire brush to remove the pipe and cutting parts to make the metal surface shine. Steel wool is not recommended.
3. First cut the pipe in the vertical direction, trim and remove the burrs, and measure the pipe diameter.
4. Apply flux to the outside of the pipe and the inside of the soldering cover. The flux must completely cover the soldering surface. Please use flux sparingly.


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