freemexy: Fitness News: A Look at Pure Fitness and New Boxing Gym WeBox

Fitness News: A Look at Pure Fitness and New Boxing Gym WeBox

May 24 2019 at 03:14

Two fancy gym openings this month, from Pure Fitness the slightly more boisterous cousin of Pure Yoga to Golden Glove's new 'boutique' gym WeBox. We take a look and let you know if you can afford it so you don't have to. Plus a few ways to celebrate International Yoga Day tomorrow 'cause that's a thing.To get more gym shanghai, you can visit shine news official website.
are partnering for 'Night Out Yoga' on international yoga day, which I guess means yoga blindfolded. From 7.30-8.30pm teacher 'Yahan' will lead a yoga class at Xiangyang park for 60rmb a person and a free Moka Bros cookie.
SoundFlow is rooftop yoga with a live DJ led by Jayna Staykov of Z&B and community yoga. Small bites and smoothies by Graze will be provided, no need to bring a mat, the event is sponsored by Sugarmat. Starts at 7.30pm and costs 250rmb or 200rmb if you sign up with a friend.
Pure Fitness is the Hong Kong fancy brand gym (already here in the form of Pure Yoga) that opened earlier this month in IAPM . This one's for fancy people at about 1,300rmb a month for 12 months. That includes access to all Shanghai locations, prices differ slightly (about 1,100rmb) for access soley to Pure Fitness; their also offering a slight discount (about 50rmb off per month) till the end of the month. Not sure if I'm losing touch with reality, but this seems like (by Shanghai standards) not bad when you consider what's included. The gym itself is huge, there's a spacious spinning studio and a studio where there are over 100 classes on offer each week, a cardio room with big windows, and a lounge. In addition to that you get access to all Pure Yoga classes. 
WeBox is the boutique gym brought to us by the Golden Gloves people, it's still under construction but they're hoping to start classes at the very end of the month. They're offering lots of deals that call for commitment, like 50% off a year memberships so you pay b>4,688 (usually 8,288rmb) and a free (boxing) trip to Phuket if you purchase a two year membership. And the cement ain't even dry yet. 
Something else for international yoga or wellness day or whatever, there'll also be a really, very early FitFam yoga & meditation class at 5.30am, that's free and there are still spots. Register through EventBank, start here.
Founded by Maurad Tcherouka (a certified trainer who previously worked at a sports medicine facility), Body Blacksmith offers a comprehensive set of classes that combine high-intensity interval training with weight lifting and cardio movements.

The rotating program is designed to train different body parts, but core stability is always an overarching emphasis. Some of the studio’s most popular programs are ‘Total Cardio’ and ‘Booty Class.’ The latter is especially challenging as the instructor demonstrates the proper squat technique, which will make your glutes and posterior chain burn. With the gym’s focus on proper form, you will find yourself realizing you’ve been doing some of these exercises all wrong, and that they’re much harder with the correct posture.

While the classes are intense, the atmosphere is encouraging thanks to the ample attention and guidance given by instructors. As such, this is not a studio for slackers, but dedicated athletes who want to get strong and fitter. They currently have two to three classes per day, each of which can accommodate a maximum of 26 athletes. They’ll be bringing on more trainers to increase the number of programs and more advanced courses in the near future.


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