shawncurtain: You can design your curtains depend on your window type

You can design your curtains depend on your window type

Apr 27 2017 at 21:34

1. Vertical windows

Vertical windows are common in modern homes and their proportions are harmonious and beautiful, so they can give you a solemn and elegant feeling. You have to hang beautiful decorative curtains, and this kind of curtains have different kinds. If your rooms are about 3.5 meters tall, you can choose European-style palace curtains, due to the high limitation of your rooms, you have to consider the effect of your curtains.

2. Horizontal windows

This kind of windows are wide and have large areas, and these windows are typical on modern houses. If there is no deep windowsills and floor-to-glass, they generally look elegant and are common to see. If you want to have better effects, you can add valance to make them look more beautiful. In addition, you can also hang wave curtains or Austria style curtains, etc. because they can also reflect European-style.


3. Bump windows

Windows which are built into the wall called bump windows. Tall bay windows can choose some separate pieces of curtains and use continuous shutter box parcels as a whole. When the curtains are opened, the windows on both sides of the middle ply a graceful cylindrical. Bay window curtains add sheer curtains can make your home look warmer and unique but these window types are not suitable for too complex styles because they will be uneasy to deal with.(Bay Window Curtain Ideas)

4. Curved windows

This kind of window types are often found in the villa, as well as the landscape rooms or penthouse rooms and they can create spectacular atmosphere and you can also use electrolytic window rails to make decorative effect, but considering the high load-bearing windows and window tracks, it is generally recommended that only one electric shutters.


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