shawncurtain: How to use blue floral curtain in household?

How to use blue floral curtain in household?

Nov 28 2016 at 21:52

With the development of modern household, people began to like pure and clam decoration at the same time has the pursuit of modern home decoration. Fresh and natural decorations can not only ease the mood, but also can ease the pressure on urban dramatically in people's hearts. In the choice of curtains, blue floral curtain is becoming popular for many people. But how to use the blue floral curtain in the household decoration?

I have to say that the blue floral curtain can match all the occasions and places. Such blue floral pattern can use in everywhere with good effect and even can bring a fresh mood to any places.

In spring, we need decorate the warm household with blue floral pattern. In summer, we need to create a cool house with blue floral pattern. In autumn, we need it bring lives to our home to away from the autumn depression. In winter, we need make the home warm with blue floral pattern.


Blue floral pattern can decorate different dreams for us in different seasons. Decorated in a luxurious home in modern metal, with blue floral curtains, the atmosphere in the room is not impetuous, in a minimalist style home in the small fresh, with blue floral curtains it is particularly refreshing.

As for the position of blue floral curtains, it can be placed in a large window behind the couch, you can be the easy viewing windows, shading effect if that is not enough, you can then top blue floral curtains and then covered with a layer of white gauze curtain, so that not only looked fresh, but also can block unwanted light.

Overall, blue floral curtains used in the home is still relatively flexible control of the small fresh, also can match with flavors, just keep indoor home clean, where blue floral curtains can increase temperament.


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