shawncurtain: Choose Hotel Curtains as Per the Decor

Choose Hotel Curtains as Per the Decor

Oct 18 2016 at 03:03

When you use curtains at your home you can choose them according to your personal choice. However for hotel curtains thing are different. You need to follow certain strict rules set by the authorities to retard fire. Thus while choosing the right curtains for your hotels you need to remember that clause too apart from keeping the décor in mind.
Types of curtains
You will get varied types of curtains, like 'tab top' or 'eyelet top'.

Choosing the right one will depend upon the interior you are giving to your rooms. You can hang the curtains from a pole or hang them from a track. All these will depend how you want the look and feel of the room to be created. Similarly, you can hang them through eyelet and that too will look elegant.
Another important consideration while choosing hotel curtains are control of light. In your home you do not have to consider whether the curtains are stopping sunlight and allowing street light, but at hotels they are important. Generally at hotels guests prefers curtains that will not allow too much light and give them privacy.


Apart from that guest may be traveling in different time zone and may require day time nap. So, blackout curtains are more useful in such situation.
Décor and measurement
While choosing the hotel curtains it is important that the overall décor of the hotel rooms are kept in mind. You may not have same curtain throughout the hotel. (Curtains Features And Curtains Occasions)

You have to choose different curtains for different rooms as well as for lobby, dining room and other places. Obviously they will be chosen according to the décor of those places.
Next is measurement. Whether the curtains will be of sill length or full length will again depend upon the décor of the rooms. Finally, it is true that curtains will play a major role in giving the rooms their look. Hence, chose accordingly and make every room look elegant.


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