mbtusa: Fake Hermes Belt the government's price

Fake Hermes Belt the government's price

May 21 2014 at 21:38

And to do this the most important thing is to review the rules of our current system, the substance on the interests of the stock market investors, to overhaul the system, perfect and established. This is the key to revive the confidence of the domestic stock market investors, is also the key to the healthy sustainable development of the Replica Hermes Belt stock market. Nearly a month to the domestic stock market fell again and again fall, fall the entire market confidence is lost, fall investors panic exit. And in the stock market crash, is to get hurt again big blue-chip stocks, investors think that can hold the stock for a long time. If domestic equities of blue chip or such as the entire stock market confidence will be gone. Once the stock investors loss of confidence, Replica Hermes Belts not only will appear panic selling of the whole stock market, also will push Hermes Belt's financial markets to greater risk. And the stock market crash, if is junk stocks fall, don't care, the junk stocks have to be good to find out through the change of the price mechanism and let the bad out of the market. And blue chips continue to crash, the situation is different. Because blue chips to represent the whole stock market not only quality and structure, and also represents the future of the stock market. Hong Kong, for example, the top ten value of the company's total market value of more than 40% of the weight of the Hong Kong stock market. The top ten companies, though also fluctuates up and down violently, but they rose usually other stocks rise slow, fall there is also a very resilient. In march, for example, the Hong Kong stock market crash, the shares of HSBC fell amplitude is less, and even in other stocks tumbled, it rose. But, in this round of the domestic stock market crash, the blue chips did not have the effect of stable stock market prices, whereas became the bibcock of this round of the stock market decline. For example, petrochina and sinopec, is one of the most popular stocks fall in the past few months have to. If petrochina and sinopec, so the price of the stock can not stable, and then upward, so this round of domestic shares fell it's not easy to stop. Why blue-chip will bear the brunt of this round of the stock market crash? This, of course, there are the cause of the listed company itself and the reasons of the peripheral market and government intervention. For example, in the oil, is Asia's most profitable company originally, but this year's annual report less than investors expect. However, Replica Hermes Belt this is not the most important reason. Most importantly, in the international oil shocks that record oil prices, international financial market turmoil has made all the world's stock markets under the condition of rapid downward, Fake Hermes Belt the government's price controls on petrochina. On the one hand, influenced by international market oil prices rose sharply to rapidly rising price of crude oil in oil imports, the company cost, on the other hand, the government in order to stabilize prices, don't let the domestic refined oil prices rise. So that petrochina's performance since the second half of 2007, a dilemma, may occur in the first half of this year, and more unprecedented performance of landslide. In this case, of course, investors don't believe in oil market in the future. Petrochina, sinopec.


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