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Replica Hermes Belt the domestic stock

May 21 2014 at 21:37

And in this sense, also shows that the government has the determination to change the current market system of a series of unreasonable rules, are determined by the institutional rules to protect the interests of investors. If so, Replica Hermes Belt the domestic stock market on the way out of the plight of the earlier an important step. And of this step is a step, also is the key to investor confidence in the stock market to set up. In the present case, as long as the confidence of the stock market recovery, the Replica Hermes Belt stock market could gradually toward the road to health. Also, through April, Hermes Belt's economy is still in the fast lane. Both high CPI, and fixed assets investment overheating, rapid expansion of commercial bank credit and GDP growth quickly, did not change the trend of rapid growth of the economy as a whole. But the overall trend of the fast economic growth as to re-warmer gain further development of the international economic situation. Domestic fixed assets, for example, although in the first quarter is falling,
But falling range is very limited. In particular, real estate deve Replica Hermes Belts lopment of the domestic large proportion of investment in fixed assets investment growth, not only did not drop by rapid growth conversely. From 1 to 2, 2008 data as you can see, the national real estate development investment in 237.3 billion, is the complete year-on-year growth of 32.9%, higher than the same period last year (24.3%), 8.6% faster. Eastern region growth of 29.8% (22.2%) of 7.6% faster than the same period last year growth; Growth of 43.5% in central Hermes Belt, growth (27.3%) of 16.2% faster than the same period last year; In the western region growth of 37.7%, higher than the same period last year (32.1%), 5.6% faster. And domestic real estate market rapid development and prosperity, and promote the rapid development of Hermes Belt's financial markets and prosperity. Also, from the point of data released in recent days, U.S. economic data is better than expected, the market forward to the time according to the crisis is coming to an end, peripheral market built drive Asian stock markets weighed more than 3 months since high. Hermes Belt's stock market began to r Fake Hermes Belt ise have a certain relationship with the peripheral environment influence. In particular, the changes of peripheral economy impact on Hermes Belt's economy, perhaps the most important factor is whether after the continuous depreciation of dollar will reverse. Because, the reversal of the dollar, which not only affects whether to renminbi appreciation and appreciation, affect the relationship between Hermes Belt's import and export trade surplus, and more importantly affect the international prices of dollar-denominated the market changes, affect the whole financial market pattern of interests. And these dollar-denominated product price changes will not only cause huge impact on the international financial markets, will also affect the entire world trade pattern changes. From happening these days as you can see, the dollar against other currencies have signs of a reversal, the dollar exchange rates to rise, immediately caused by oil and gold prices fell sharply. While oil and gold prices fell sharply at the same time the impact of financial markets at home and abroad, affect the revaluation of the market value of listed companies. Can say, for 2008, the uncertainty of the dollar, should be the most important aspect of the international financial market uncertainty. All in all, in terms of the current domestic stock market, due to the change of the rules of the stock market system, due to the change of the economic situation at home and abroad, these are for Hermes Belt's stock market will be out of the woods as early as a few months. The question now is, the government should create conditions on the basis of the further to ensure the development and prosperity of the stock market.


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