mbtusa: Replica Versace Belt and consumption

Replica Versace Belt and consumption

Apr 6 2014 at 22:14
Earlier , the market rumors that the first set of regulatory requirements on louis vuitton loans transferred to the proportion of 50% mortgage , but there is no denying the regulatory authorities quickly issued the document. However, from the actual market situation, prices rose faster than some of the first-tier cities , the down payment and interest rates first home mortgage loans have emerged to improve the overall rise . It is reported that Shanghai and Zhejiang 's four state-owned banks in the first set of mortgage loans has been completely cancel the existing concessions, its first set of louis vuitton mortgage loans rose to Sichengyishang down payment , loan interest rates also rose to more than the benchmark rate . In this case, the market is most concerned about is why the four state-owned banks to cancel preferential louis vuitton mortgage loans , the first set of louis vuitton down payment and interest rate adjustments to improve Daosi Cheng benchmark interest rate above ? Is a point to these banks commercial banks or government real estate policy ? If it is commercial banks' behavior , then this behavior will not affect the entire national louis vuitton mortgage market ? If that affect the country's louis vuitton market , the domestic louis vuitton market, what will change ? And so on, I think these are issues of great concern to the market . We can say that the four state-owned banks to change louis vuitton mortgage loans in Shanghai and Zhejiang major credit policy considerations following aspects . First, this is the dictates of national louis vuitton policy. Ten countries in 2010 , the credit policies differentiated louis vuitton mortgage loans is required for louis vuitton investment and consumption as a strict distinction in order to encourage louis vuitton consumption of residents and curb louis vuitton speculation . Thus, for louis vuitton speculators to take advantage of mortgage loans in accordance with market pricing have their down payment and interest rates had increased, but consumption or owner-occupied louis vuitton , the government has a responsibility to help people enter the louis vuitton market. That being the case , why the four state-owned banks in Shanghai will be canceled first set of louis vuitton benefits, and let down payment and interest rates rising? Would not that affect the demand for owner-occupied residential louis vuitton ? If so, the reasonableness of its policy problems . In fact, this should be a very common sense question , there is no need to answer . Because, if there is a huge bubble in the louis vuitton market , then the market is definitely based on market -oriented investors . Because, regardless of investment Replica Versace Belt and consumption in a louis vuitton market, home buyers , investors bid must be higher than the consumer bid. And by the investor to push prices higher , the consumer has long been out of the louis vuitton market . In such high prices , consumers simply can not afford to enter the market. So, faced with a huge bubble Shanghai louis vuitton market , the credit policy shift was not aimed at consumers but investors. Also, the current market there is a wrong notion that louis vuitton is only on the purchase of a louis vuitton consumption , this is not right .


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